Mihisara De Waas and Jyotsna Poosalingam launch ‘SOME DAMN AGENCY’ in New Zealand

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Mihisara De Waas and Jyotsna Poosalingam launch ‘SOME DAMN AGENCY’ in New Zealand

Gen-Y female digital ad professionals Mihisara De Waas and Jyotsna Poosalingam have launched a new agency in New Zealand called SOME DAMN AGENCY.


SOME DAMN AGENCY co-founders De Waas and Poosalingam have 20+ years of combined international and local industry experience.

De Waas and Poosalingam both met for the first time when they landed jobs on the same digital team of a reputable global media ad agency that operates in the local market.

Poosalingam joined with almost a decade’s worth of international and local ad industry experience, which included a lengthy stint working for the mighty tech giant, Google. And De Waas, was just a year into her entry role in digital ad operations, bright-eyed and with a fire in her belly to make a difference.

Both, with great respect, speak to instantly knowing that they were hired into a digital team that had the makings of something special. It was a time in the industry that meant they both were early adopters of digital media advertising, really. And everyone on this team at that time had the tenacity to push their technical thinking in all kinds of new directions. Their team dynamics were meaningful and personal without even having to try, and there was always a natural instinct to support one another. They chose to believe they had it good because the team was good, and coincidentally, very diverse.

Off they both eventually headed, on their merry separate ways within the local industry, thinking they were pursuing their own career paths in their own respective digital specialties. Or as they only knew to do so back then: stay in their lanes. “Oh, how naïve we were!” they joke. “…to the sophistications of ‘digital success’ that depended on various digital expertise’s actually talking to each other.”

Luckily, through these years of workplace-separation, De Waas and Poosalingam naturally remained friends who saw each other regularly enough — not just at industry events, but on each other’s couches on weekends, too. It didn’t take these women long to clue up on the maturity of one another’s earned experience, and to such extent that their skills finally felt complimentary, and perhaps even systematically ambitious enough to lay the foundation for their very own competitive digital ad agency.

Well, the cat is out of the bag. SOME DAMN AGENCY has officially launched — backed with motivations to innovate, to remain accountable, and to be responsible.

Says De Waas: “Knowing when to take a chance has never been my strong suit — but I’m getting better at learning that it’s called risk for a reason. So, here I am, laying out all my cards — and that alone feels like a victory. Even if some people on the other side are to continue on bluffing along. Because maybe none of this is about seeing what I possess and what I’ll win. Maybe this will mean something altogether different in time — and that will be worth a lot more. I guess you could say that kindness, compassion and empowerment have become my fuel for a much larger existence in my industry. I’ve found what I’m passionate about — what makes my heart sing and my mind forget ‘man-made’ time.”

Says Poosalingam: “I believe wholeheartedly in this community and this industry and I love New Zealand for the home it’s become. I want a place here, a life and a career — and I would not want to chase down differences to be able to get there. More, I want to be able to create a future for others that follow, as I’ve always believed in training and mentoring youth into doing better than us. I want to be responsible for being more than just a name that is popular — I want to leave a mark on the industry for the better.”

In asking what their shared motivation is as the co-founders of SOME DAMN AGENCY, their response is heartfelt: “We always aim to bring the same attributes to our professional lives as we do to our personal lives: a desire to make a difference and an unwavering determination to enjoy the ride.”

Visit SOME DAMN AGENCY’s website.

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