Macca’s New Zealand teleports viewers straight to the source in new campaign via DDB Aotearoa

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DDB Aotearoa and Macca’s New Zealand have taken viewers on a scenic tour of the iconic restaurant’s local supply chain in a bid to highlight the quality Kiwi ingredients that make up the much-loved menu.


The new campaign, Ordered from here, is led by a 60” TVC which begins with a carload of young Kiwis making their way to the golden arches Drive Thru. These four mates are sharing a bit of banter and pondering the big stuff when one asks: “What’s in the beef patties?” kicking off a Marty McFly-esque tour of the motu.

Macca’s New Zealand is particularly proud of its long-term support for quality local food producers and this campaign stems from a desire to share that story with Kiwi audiences who may not be aware of it.

In a sea of same-same food provenance communications, the challenge was to tell that story in a way that was both informative and entertaining.

Says Gary Steele, ECD, DDB Aotearoa: “The fact that Macca’s get their potatoes from Ashburton is a great message but telling someone your potatoes come from Ashburton without putting them to sleep is a real task. We wanted to share Macca’s great provenance story in a way that got the point across without feeling like a guided tour of the supply chain that the viewer didn’t sign up for.”

McDonald’s New Zealand head of communications, Simon Kenny, says the question of what ‘really’ goes into the Macca’s menu comes up all the time, and there’s a great story to tell: “McDonald’s New Zealand’s Ordered from here is a fun, light-hearted exploration of where our local ingredients are sourced. The new TVC takes a fantastical approach to tell our food quality and provenance story, which is a bit different to what we’ve done in the past. Beyond the TVC we then have more depth to the story told across other channels for those who want to find out more.”

McDonald’s New Zealand’s Ordered from here campaign launches with a 60”, 30” and four 15” TVC, and is supported by cinema, magazine, eDM, outdoor, digital/web, social media, PR and in-store.

Client: McDonald’s New Zealand
Marketing Director: Luke Rive
Head of Marketing: Deb Fell
Head of Comms: Simon Kenny
Senior Brand Manager: Nikki Jeffcote
Brand Manager: Stef Phillips

Creative Agency: DDB Aotearoa
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Gary Steele
Creative Director: Ben Pegler
Art Director: Gareth Rice
Copywriter: Geordie Wilson
Lead Business Partner: Karla Fisher
Business Director: Keshvi Lal
Senior Business Manager: Kristina Lindsay
Chief Strategy Officer: Rupert Price
Strategy Director: Charlotte Marks
Television Producer: Charlotte Glennon
Stills Producer: Julz Lane

Production Company: FINCH
Executive Producer: Bex Kelly
Production Producer: Nikki Walker
Director: Bobbsey Twins
DOP: John Toon
Post Production: Stu Bedford, Nakatomi
Production Designer: Chris Elliot
Audio: Craig Matuschka, Liquid

Photographer: Troy Goodall
Digi Assistants: Gavin McGregor & Mark Barber
Agent: Jessie Turney at Match Photographers