The Work 2022 Contenders: TBWA\New Zealand

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

Southern Cross Pet Insurance: VIS – The Road Safety Collection
TBWA\New Zealand
In 2022 Southern Cross Pet Insurance launched a new brand mission to help pets live their best lives for longer, and not just pay out when pets get injured.

But this wasn’t about wrapping little Benji up in cotton wool, or stopping Dixie going on her adventures. We set out to find fresh, fun, and engaging ways to make the nation’s fur babies safer, starting with a solution to the pet road safety issue.

With the help of celebrity fashion designer, Matthew Adams Dolan, we dropped an 8-piece couture pet collection, and a ready-to-wear bandana range that transforms from high fashion in daylight to hi vis in car headlights. VIS was released just before winter, when the nights are longer and the roads are even riskier, making pet road safety the season’s hottest look.

Melanoma New Zealand: The Melanoma Typeface
TBWA\New Zealand
To get people to take a closer look at spots they often ignore, we created a typeface that behaves like real skin cancer: The Melanoma Typeface.

Our typeface consists of only full stops, designed in partnership with a leading typographer and a dermatologist to accurately represent the 7 visual symptoms of melanoma.

Designed to be used alongside any other brand’s typeface, the full stop mutates with UV exposure in real time, mimicking the symptoms of actual melanoma.

Our typeface was used by the nation’s biggest brands in their summer advertising, delivering our message when it’s most relevant.

2degrees: Real Mode – The Telco Fighting Phone Addiction
TBWA\New Zealand
Finding balance in a digital world is increasingly difficult. Billions of dollars are spent on ‘Attention Engineers’ to make sure every ‘ping’ is as alluring and addictive as possible. We’re all suffering unprecedented levels of anxiety and stress as we never get the chance to switch off. That hardly seems fair. So, 2degrees continued their ‘Fight for Fair’ with Real Mode. And app that uses behavioral science to help us switch off our phones and switch on to each other.

We played social media at their own game by using all of their dopamine inducing tricks to make switching off just as rewarding. We became the telco that helped people hang up their phones. At least for a bit.

Bodyright: Bodyright. The World’s first copyright for the human body.
TBWA\New Zealand
We are constantly bombarded by altered images from media, brands, celebrities and influencers that set unrealistic expectations about our own bodies. It has been linked to mental health issues, eating disorders, and body dysmorphia by setting unrealistic body ideals that are impossible to achieve.

To empower people to take back control of their imagery on and offline, we created a tool that allows people to protect their own body image, while communicating to the audience that the body in the image is real and has not been retouched or filtered in any way.

This symbol sits seamlessly on any image to celebrate the un-retouched rather than label the retouched. Using the latest research, this was an important shift to positively impact people’s perception of their own bodies by encouraging the sharing and celebration of un-retouched natural and diverse imagery.

A symbol, with a complete design framework that inspired products and is driving a movement.

Ⓑodyright – Because no body is wrong

ANZ Bank of New Zealand: Support Band
TBWA\New Zealand
The ANZ Support Band is a world first wearable device that transformed how fans and athletes experienced the Tokyo Olympic Games. At a Games like no other, where closed borders and empty stands meant fans couldn’t cheer on athletes, the Support Band helped fans send their support in a way the athletes could feel it- as a physical vibration on their wrist. The Support Band helped ANZ become New Zealand’s most recognised sponsor during the Olympic Games and helped spur New Zealand athletes to a record medal tally. Post Games, the band lives on as a fitness tracker for future athletes.


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