Save For Awards: The Photoshop hack that converts your ads into all the files you need for the award season, in just a few seconds

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Innocean Berlin just made the preparation for the upcoming award season a lot easier for every agency in the world. Save for Awards is a Photoshop script that takes a master file (a print ad or presentation board) and automatically adapts it to the specs and sizes required by all major award shows.

The Save for Awards script is an attempt to simplify the award show entry process, which is extremely time-consuming for agencies and creatives. The script, created by Innocean Berlin and digital agency Herren der Schöpfung (HdS), is available for free at

It includes the specs for festivals such as the Cannes Lions, Clio, The One Show, D&AD, LIA, New York Festivals, The Andys, Epica, Spikes, Adfest and many more.

Award managers will no longer have to spend a single minute looking for the specifications for the different award shows, and their multiple categories. And for designers and art directors, this hack completely eliminates the need to adapt every single ad into all the different formats by hand. All users need to do is run the script, select the award shows they’re entering, choose a folder where all the files will be saved, and job done. Quickly and effortlessly.

“For most agencies, the award season starts with Cannes. And in every agency I ever worked at, we were always running like crazy to submit our ideas on time,” says Gabriel Mattar, European Chief Creative Officer at Innocean Worldwide.

“At Innocean, our aim is to find creative solutions for everything we do. So we thought: ‘there must be a more efficient way to send our work to award shows’. That’s how Save For Awards was born. It will definitely save a lot of time for everyone. To all CFO’s out there, you’re welcome.”

Available for free at