New Eyeota Eye On: Travel Insights Report ~ Most ANZ travel brands increasingly spending on demographic, intent + interest-based audiences

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New Eyeota Eye On: Travel Insights Report ~ Most ANZ travel brands increasingly spending on demographic, intent + interest-based audiences

Eyeota, a leading audience technology platform enabling the intelligent use of data, has released its latest Eye On: Travel insights report which uncovers key discoveries around travel audience spends in Oceania and globally. The report examines the ever-changing demand for travel audiences to give advertisers and data owners a solid, data-driven foundation on how to develop and execute audience strategies around travel and leisure brands.


According to eMarketer 50% of travel brands now buy ads programmatically with spend in this vertical estimated to reach $8.28B by 2020, making travel one of the largest e-commerce markets. Eyeota’s report found that the majority of audience data spend in 2018 came from four travel and leisure sub-sectors: travel agents and booking sites (32%), airlines (22%), hotels, resorts & casinos (20%) and tourism (10%). Travel agents and booking sites spent over $3,000 on audience data per campaign on average, while the top 10 Airline advertisers spent over $10,000 per campaign.

Additionally, the first half of 2018 saw large increases in travel-related data spend in comparison to the second half of the year. Travel agent and booking site advertisers represented more than half of travel data spend in Q3, while hotels, resorts and casinos advertisers peaked in Q4 as these brands sought out holiday shoppers and travellers in the northern hemisphere planning for warmer holidays.

In Australia and New Zealand, Eyeota’s report shows that travel advertisers primarily focus on a mix of demographic, intent, and interest-based audiences. As far as advertiser sub-sectors go, a majority of spend comes from travel agents and booking sites, while the remainder is fairly evenly split between airlines, hotels and tourism. For the ninth straight year, the Australian travel and tourism industry has seen continuous growth at 6.9% YoY from 2017 to 2018 across both international and domestic visitors according to Tourism Research Australia.

Says Andrew Gilbert, commercial director, Eyeota Australia and New Zealand: “Whilst this growth is significant, the ever complex digital media landscape creates challenges for marketers to deliver tailored messaging across the consumer lifecycle. Eyeota’s deep knowledge and audience capabilities within the travel vertical enable marketers to drive business results through any of the key travel profiles whether it be escapists, learners, planners or dreamers.”

To learn more, download the Eyeota Eye On: Travel report and access:

– New audience targeting strategies
– How and when to reach and engage travellers based on their varying interests, priorities, and key purchase influencers
– How airline and hotel brands are evolving their data strategies
– Travel trends for Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Americas
– Seasonal trends impacting audience data and purchasing behaviour