Film Construction creates new film for Red Seal shot within a filmmaking family bubble

Film Construction creates new film for Red Seal shot within a filmmaking family bubble

When your studio is on the same property as your home on the outskirts of Auckland city, New Zealand. Your camera kit’s at arm’s reach. It turns out you’re pretty well equipped for filming during lockdown in a pandemic. Strangely enough Film Constriction’s studio has long been dubbed the FC Bunker. Somehow Film Cnstruction always imagined zombies not Covid-19.


And of course the production company stuck to bubble rules when creating and filming the Red Seal’s new spot.

Inside bubble one – director Perry Bradley and EP/photographer Belinda Bradley, along with Belinda’s dad, Bela Fityus. Inside bubble two – producer Jozsef Fityus. Bubble three – Dave Nash of Nash Studios, with side bubble – creative Connan James. And bubble – New Zealand brand, Red Seal.

The Red Seal Knock The Bastard Off project echoes Sir Edmund Hillary’s famous comment when he first conquered Mt Everest. And that’s exactly the spirit New Zealand has adopted in the face of this pandemic. The film called for an elderly gentleman to embody that determination. And it just so happened that inside bubble one, along with too many packets of toilet rolls, was the perfect old man. With beautiful wisdom lines, and strong safe hands.

Detailed preproduction ensued from one remote bubble to the other. Filming took place between rain showers on a Lockdown Saturday afternoon, with a thermos of coffee and some Shrewsbury biscuits.

The film was shared around even more bubbles. Editing, colour grading and onlining conducted by James Hutchinson of Reasonable People. Audio post was performed by David Liversidge of Big Tree Studios from his kitchen table at home. The voice-over artist via Mint Voices, also recording from home. And Toy Box despatching dubs. Stop it with all these bubbles already.

The end result, a moving film of resilience for a testing time. Or a bubble bath. You choose.


Production Company: Film Construction
Executive Producer: Belinda Bradley
Producer: Jozsef Fityus
Director: Perry Bradley
Cinematographer: Belinda Bradley
Editing & Colourist: James Hutchinson
Audio Post: David Liversidge
Agency: Nash Studios – Creatives, Dave Nash & Connan James
Client: Red Seal