Nerds of Business podcast reveals ‘behind the scenes’ branding journeys of iconic companies 

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Nerds of Business podcast reveals ‘behind the scenes’ branding journeys of iconic companies 

Some of Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative and successful companies share the challenges they faced building their brands in an exciting new podcast series, Nerds of Business.


The roll call of guests for Nerds of Business features companies with a combined worth of $2.5 billion – global head of growth at tech unicorn Airwallex, Neil Luo, Fred Schebesta (above left) from, Dr Rob Newman the CEO of ASX 200 company Nearmap, Pic’s Peanut Butter founder Pic Picot, Vinomofo founder, Andre Eikmeier (below) and Victoria Coster a CEO of small business, Credit Fix Solutions.

The series also includes branding experts Rachel Bevans, founder of The Healthy Brand Company and Jon Michail the CEO of Image Group International.

“Each episode focuses on a particular challenge within the series’ theme – branding,” Darren Moffatt (above right), host of the Nerds of Business and co-founder of digital marketing agency Webbuzz said.

“Leaders in business have all these amazing stories and insights, and they’re so generous with their knowledge. You just need to ask the right questions.

“In telling their stories, often for the first time, I’m trying to create a unique resource for marketers and branding experts as well as for small business owners and new entrepreneurs.”

According to Moffatt, the name itself was also the key to getting high-profile guests on board: “A lot of the top entrepreneurs and tech founders are nerds at heart, so I think the name really helped get their attention. It’s a bit cheeky and fun.

“I knew that to make this work I’d need some big-name guests, but I didn’t know any of them personally – all I had was the concept and a powerpoint slide deck.

“I had to pitch them all cold. Nearly everyone said yes, so the response has been pretty incredible.”

Moffatt said another secret to his success was the unique structure of the Nerds of Business podcast. The premise of the show is to ‘solve the challenges of growing a business, one problem at a time.

“It’s all planned and pre-recorded in advance like a documentary.

“I’m splicing in four or five different ‘nerd’ guests, in each episode. They all have their own expertise and perspectives which creates a narrative that attempts to get answers for our listeners.

“It requires lots of production and editing, but makes for a more compelling listening experience.”

Nerds of Business podcast reveals ‘behind the scenes’ branding journeys of iconic companies 

Nerds of Business – Podcast Trailer is out now on iTunes and Spotify with the first full episode released, today, 2 June, 2020.

The Nerds of Business – Podcast Season 1 – Branding

Episode 1 – How to create a brand identity that can take you from start-up to $100 million

Episode 2 – Brand positioning: how to carve out market share and annoy the hell out of competitors.

Episode 3 – How to launch a business with no money & look like a superstar.

Episode 4 – Re-branding’: everyone’s doing so it so when should you?

Episode 5 – What’s the fastest way for even a lazy entrepreneur to get brand awareness?

Episode 6 – What is ‘brand equity’, how do you get it, and why it will change your life.

Episode 7 – The B2B Special: top entrepreneurs reveal how to build a B2B brand.

Episode 8 – Brand loyalty: in this crazy ‘ADD’ world how do you build long term customer loyalty?

Episode 9 – Brand damage: what to do when your brand goes bad.