MDS Adschool end of Year Show set for tomorrow Tuesday, 17 November (maybe)

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MDS Adschool end of Year Show set for tomorrow Tuesday, 17 November (maybe)

Damn! Here we go again. When MDS AdSchool delivered its invites yesterday, it didn’t think it would be sparking pop-up testing and a deserted CBD.


Says Kate Humphries, programme leader, MDS AdSchool: “But, just like a black cat crossing a street, let’s hope the threat of a change in levels is over pretty bloody quick. If the levels stay the same, then we will be having our end of year show on Tuesday 17th November from 6-8:30pm at Wander, 2 Madden Street, Wynyard Quarter. If the levels do change, then let’s chat here again on Monday.

“In terms of the venue, don’t be too concerned about being crammed into a space with a bunch of mouth breathers. It has lashings of room outside (although let’s not dwell on the fact that we are behind the Auckland fish market. We’ll just cross our fingers and hope the wind is blowing in the right direction). There’s also a construction site right next door, but it’s our construction site, because it’s our almost-completed-new-purpose-built-campus which we’ll be sharing with Google starting February 2021.

“Free booze, snacks, and as-good-as-free-new-cheap talent, with the added attractions of a construction site next door and the pungent waft of a fish market. How could you refuse?

“So, if we are still at level 1 (and maybe even level 2) come see what effect the on-again-off-again lockdowns has had on the class of 2020. We hope to see you there!”