Ralph van Dijk inspires with ‘Make My Logo Louder’ in LIA’s Creative LIAisons Virtual Series

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Ralph van Dijk inspires with ‘Make My Logo Louder’ in LIA’s Creative LIAisons Virtual Series

Upcoming talks at LIA’s Creative LIAisons 2021 virtual speaker series to feature Oliver Fuselier, managing director/executive producer of Great Guns USA partnering with Tanya LeSieur, head of production/associate partner of MUH-TAY-ZIK/HOF-FER, as well as with Marty Martinez of Tank Worldwide, Montreal.


The Creative LIAisons 2021 virtual speaker series continues to expand and empower young minds in this year’s program. Ralph Van Dijk, founder/executive creative director of highly-awarded Eardrum, had his virtual audience intensely tuned in to his talk, “Make My Logo Louder”.

Says van Dijk: “For the first time in 30 years, radio is fashionable.”

He introduced his audience to the audio universe of super heroes, aptly named the Streamer, The Podcaster, Captain Radio and the Super Voice. van Dijk highlighted each hero’s super powers and kryptonite. He gave audio examples that pushed creativity beyond the confines of the traditional – ideas and executions that broke the ad break wall to owning the ad break completely to bravely exploring new opportunities in the sonic world.

The session rounded off with mentees having the opportunity to ask van Dijk questions directly. The questions covered pertinent topics such as how to creatively sell audio to your client and best practices on audio stings.

Says Barbara Levy, president of LIA: “Ralph has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to radio. It was wonderful to see the attending mentees genuinely keen to learn and showing their appreciation to Ralph. We know that in these past years, radio has become increasingly important. It has mutated into different platforms, offering different flavors to different audiences. As Ralph so rightly put it, ‘when people are sympathetic to the platform, your logo becomes much louder’.”

Following closely on the heels of this talk, mentees will have the privilege to hear and learn from two of the top production people in the business. Oliver Fuselier, managing director/executive producer of Great Guns USA, in concert with Tanya LeSieur, head of production/associate partner at MUH-TAY-ZIK/HOF-FER, will be hosting a relaxed, interactive session, in which virtual attendees will be spotlighted and encouraged to join the conversation, answering a series of questions and having a dialogue with the speakers, all while gaining valuable advice and insight.

Their talk, “Advertising: A look into the Creative Process and What Part does Trust Play in the Big Picture” is scheduled to take place remotely on 22nd September, 2021.


Says Levy: “Our aim is to give mentees well rounded insights into all aspects of the business. That’s why, we have chosen to cover topics that are especially pertinent to them in the current situation. As budgets become more conservative, ideas need to be even more provocative and executions more inventive. This sounds like a great time to trust in the creative instincts and mental agility of younger creatives.”

Marty Martinez, chief creative officer of Tank Worldwide, Montreal, will take the virtual stage on 24th September. He will deal with “The Emotional Narrative of Healthcare Advertising”.

Adds Levy: “There is undoubtedly a strong connection between emotional resonance and the consumer’s relationship with a brand. It will be interesting to see how Marty Martinez tackles this subject especially in the area of healthcare where brands can get very clinical.”

There will be more virtual speakers over the next few weeks. Aside from getting bespoke coaching and virtual talks, the 175 mentees will also have the privilege of attending the final LIA judging in real time in the virtual judging rooms to observe statue discussions.

For more information about the 2021 Creative LIAisons program, visit the website: https://www.liaawards.com/creative_liaisons/coaching/