Special Group’s Good Morning World for Tourism New Zealand named world’s most effective tourism campaign at Global Grand Effie Awards

Special Group’s Good Morning World for Tourism New Zealand named world’s most effective tourism campaign at Global Grand Effie Awards

Special Group’s ‘Good Morning World’ for Tourism New Zealand has been named world’s most effective tourism campaign at Global Grand Effie Awards.


Effie held its first ever Global Grand Effie Awards to recognise the world’s most effective marketing efforts. The Global Best of the Best Effie Awards were open to all 2019 and 2020 Gold and Grand Effie winners from over 60 regional and national programs.

Even though the jury was judging work and results of the highest level, only 12 Grand Effie Awards were awarded over 21 categories and 2 rounds of judging, but it’s a who’s who of the world’s most iconic and effective campaigns including ‘Dream Crazy’ Nike, ‘Whopper Detour’ Burger King, ‘It’s a Tide ad’ Tide and New Zealand’s own ‘Good Morning World’ Tourism New Zealand.

Says Tony Bradbourne, founder and CEO/CCO of Special New Zealand: “To be recognised for delivering the most effective tourism advertising globally is incredibly pleasing. I just want to thank everyone who worked on this campaign from Special New Zealand and Australia, and I think it actually was everyone over the entire year it took to produce, and the whole team at TNZ.

“We are so proud of the work we have delivered for Tourism New Zealand, at a time when the tourism industry needed it the most. We’re confident our creative and effective work has kept ‘destination New Zealand’ alive in the minds of millions of would-be tourists around the world; and is part of our commitment to do work that makes a positive difference for the country.”

Says Rory Gallery, CSO, Special New Zealand: “It is a pleasure to be amongst some of the most high profile and effective campaigns in the world. It’s great to see a New Zealand brand keeping company with the likes of Nike and Ikea and is a testament to the ambition of everyone involved in this campaign.”

Says Tom Martin and Julian Schreiber, CCOs, Special Australia: “We are so proud that a campaign of such a different shape which actually involves all the great people of New Zealand to make it happen has resonated so strongly around the world.”

Says Traci Alford, global CEO, Effie Worldwide: “The Global Grand Effie winners are truly the best of the best, proving exceptional across Effie’s 4-pillar framework for marketing effectiveness. This work has not only been celebrated locally, but has stood up to a jury of peers across the globe. A big congratulations to all of this year’s winning teams.”

The 12 Grand Effie winners are:

Retail: ‘Dream Crazy’ Nike / Wieden + Kennedy
Commerce & Shopper: ‘Whopper Detour’ Burger King / FCB NY
Travel & Tourism: ‘Good Morning World’ Tourism New Zealand / Special NZ & AUS
Fast Moving Consumer Goods: ‘It’s a Tide Ad’ Tide / Saatchi & Saatchi
Fast Moving Consumer Goods: ‘Nescafe Tribute’ / Bombay
Restaurants: ‘Michelin Impossible’ KFC Australia / Ogilvy Australia AUS
Media & Entertainment Companies: ‘Nat Geo into the dark. A Trip to the eclipse’ National Geographic / Wolf BCPP
Positive Change / Social Good: ‘Go back to Africa’ Black and Abroad / FCB/SIX
Positive Change / Social Good / Non-Profit: ‘Gracie’ Street Grace / BBDO Atlanta
Sustained Success: ‘Like Brands’ Aldi Uk & Ireland / McCann Manchester
Current Events: ‘Changing the Game’ Microsoft / McCann New York
Brand Experience / Services: ‘Apartmenteka’ IKEA / Instinct BBDO

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