Damail from Dabitch

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After hearing of CB’s selection for the global Battle of the Ad Blogs, nzcc made a pathetic, grovelling last minute pitch for inclusion on the shortlist. We used every trick we have learned in 3 decades of pitching new business, including dressing up reception with Nordic fertility gods, offering to pick her up from her home in a chauffeured Saab, and hiring Heidi the Temp to sit on the front desk. Didn’t work. But she did get back personally with the bad news:

Hi Frenchy,

It’s a bummer that we hadn’t seen http://nzcreativecircle.blogspot.com

when we sorted through pour lists of nominees, but as young as it is we’d

likely not have it on the nomination list in the end anyway. We had so

many blogs that we liked in the pile at first and had to get mean so we

crossed out all the “young ones”, that is, blogs that were pretty new.

Else that battle page might have been a hundred blogs long! 😉

But keep up the good work and you’ll certain to be nominated next year!

You do have the advantage of being from the other side of the world –

another thing we wanted to make sure was that many blogs from not the US

got some attention for once. 😉

Meanwhile, I guess you’ll have to root for you neighbours over at

campaignbreif. It’s an interesting idea your blog, with the email in the

gossip thing. Does it not get a lot of spam? Looking forward to see how it


I’ve added your link to the adlinks collection so that other people may

find your blog.


Åsk Dabitch