New Zealand was the third most awarded country at the DMA Echo Awards, held in Las Vegas.

The DMA convention is the world’s largest gathering of marketers globally (+13,000 clients and agency types from around the world). 25 countries competed in the DMA’s Echo Awards, which honour the world’s best direct response advertising.

New Zealand had 14 finalists, 6 from Rapp Collins NZ. NZ walked away with 9 trophies, the third most awarded country in the world (after the US and Spain).

The tally on the night for NZ:

Rapp Collins, ‘Distill08’ for CIGNA, Gold

Blackwood King, ‘Gingerbread Haka’, Gold

Aim Proximity ‘Warehouse’, Gold

TEQUILA\ ‘Unwrapped’, Silver

Publicis Dialog ‘The great social experiment’, Silver

Aim Proximity ‘Grabaplane’, Silver

Touchcast/Next ‘Rayguns’, Silver

Rapp Collins, ‘Front Row Seats’ for SKY TV, Bronze

Ogilvy ‘Nestle’, Bronze

Rapp Collins, ‘Nikolai’ for Smirnoff, Leader

Rapp Collins, ‘Being prepared’ for CIGNA, Leader

TEQUILA\ ‘Size matters’, Leader

Rapp Collins, ‘Mincemeat’ for SKY TV, Finalist

Rapp Collins, ‘Reunion Reunion’ for Telecom NZ, Finalist

The full results at

The Diamond Echo (Best in Show) went to Shackleton Madrid for the ‘Niger Luxury Club’.