Just add candlelight: Ecoya Soy Candles launches print campaign via Special Group


Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 10.35.42 AM.jpgAuckland based creative agency, Special Group, has created the latest ad campaign for leading Australasian Fragrance house, ECOYA.

Featuring naked dancers dripping in hot wax, the campaign for the fragranced candle company was shot by acclaimed Australian fashion photographer, Jez Smith.

The Just Add Candlelight campaign features two dancers from The Sydney Dance Company, covered in warm ECOYA wax and embracing each other in a number of romantic, sometimes evocative positions, illustrating the seductive tone that natural candle light can create.

Says Stephen Sinclair, ECOYA CEO: “Taking time out of our often de-personalised lives, lighting a candle and igniting a special moment is important in our day to day lives.”

Says Tony Bradbourne of Special Group: “We were really trying to evoke the idea of more pleasure, more romance, more sensuality – but in a simple, striking, visual way. We thought the idea of pouring wax over naked bodies, but just leaving the wax for the viewer to see, could achieve this.”

ECOYA, known for it’s controversial and sexy campaigns, had their last billboard, a six-metre tall billboard featuring a naked woman riding bareback on a horse, stolen from central Auckland (the vinyl skin was so big, a cherry picker would have been required to steal it).

Says Sinclair: “We were conscious of having a ‘safe’ version for mainstream media. Some of the embraces are suitable for environments that require “safer” imagery, and others are not. Special Group and Jez have met this brief perfectly and we love what they have delivered.”

The campaign will be rolled out globally in-store, through print and billboard advertising.