Guinness pays tribute to New Zealand Rugby in newly launched campaign via Special Group

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Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.45.35 am.jpgGuinness have given a nudge and a wink to the passionate sporting rivalry between Ireland and New Zealand in a new campaign launched today via Special Group.

With the upcoming St Patrick’s Weekend, and the possibility of the two nations facing off in November, the multi-channel campaign rallies fans to come together in the spirit of friendly (but robust) competition.

Just a day into the campaign, an outpouring of support from Irish and New Zealand fans are filling the comment sections of social media.

Per NZ Herald: “Guinness paid tribute to both [nations] with a stunning Irish-inspired silver fern on their latest billboard.”

“As a Kiwi with half Celtic heritage I love this fern!” one person said.

Another Kiwi with Irish ancestry said: “It’s such a respectful and beautiful way to represent both nations before they do battle on the sports field.”

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 6.45.23 am.jpgSays Rory Gallery, head of strategy and Irishman at Special Group said with tongue in cheek: “I actually had nothing to do with this. From my perspective, facing New Zealand would be the toughest possible outcome, I am kind of hoping for an easier path. But I guess I wouldn’t complain if we meet in November.”

Client – Lion New Zealand

Category Marketing Director – Adrian Hirst

Senior Brand Manager – Simon Warren

Assistant Brand Manager – Sophie McLeay

Creative Agency – Special Group

Executive Creative Director – Tony Bradbourne

Head of Strategy – Rory Gallery

Digital Creative Director – Stu Mallarkey

Creative – Adam Neale, David Smith, Jack Gravatt, Till Dittmers

Group Business Director – Pip Shepherd

Account Manager – Jack Close

Media – Zenith Media & QMS

Group Business Director, Zenith – Andrea Long