Cam Blackley’s One Show Pick of the Day is Skittles’ ‘Broadway the Rainbow’ via DDB Chicago

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Judging of The One Show and ADC 98th Annual Awards is currently underway in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Each day, The One Club for Creativity is posting a brief “Pick of the Day” video interview, which CB will showcase over the next few weeks of judging. All told, about 150 top creative leaders from around the world will join them for judging in Punta Cana and New York…


Cam Blackley, CCO of M&C Saatchi Sydney and One Show 2019 Integrated judge certainly tasted the rainbow with this audacious anti-ad, and selected it his One Show 2019 Pick of the Day.

“Advertisiiiiiiiiiiiing ruins everythiiiiiiiiiiing!” While other big brands were gearing up for the annual Super Bowl commercialpalooza, DDB Chicago and Mars Wrigley went a decidedly different route for Skittles. No stranger to outrageous ideas, they eschewed the Big Game in favor of a Broadway-style musical, complete with a full cast soundtrack and a live performance with ticket sales going to charity.