DAVID’s Joaquin Cubria’s One Show Pick of the Day is Burger King’s ‘The Whopper Detour’ via FCB NY

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Judging of The One Show and ADC 98th Annual Awards is currently underway in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Each day, The One Club for Creativity is posting a brief “Pick of the Day” video interview, which CB will showcase over the next few weeks of judging. All told, about 150 top creative leaders from around the world will join them for judging in Punta Cana and New York…


Joaquin Cubria, VP, ECD of DAVID in Buenos Aires and The One Show Direct Marketing judge, is no stranger to unique ideas for Burger King, having won awards for “A Day Without Whopper” last year. It takes a lot to wow him, but FCB New York does it effortlessly with “The Whopper Detour”, an impressive effort that drove thousands to people to the BK app, and then drove them to the doorsteps of their nearest McDonald’s locations before steering them back to Burger King.

“How people were participating with the idea… I wish I had done that,” says Joaquin as he makes “The Whopper Detour” his One Show Pick of the Day.