HEIMAT’s Matthias Storath’s One Show Pick of the Day is Nike’s ‘Dream Crazy’ via Wieden+Kennedy

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Judging of The One Show and ADC 98th Annual Awards is currently underway in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Each day, The One Club for Creativity is posting a brief “Pick of the Day” video interview, which CB will showcase over the next few weeks of judging. All told, about 150 top creative leaders from around the world will join them for judging in Punta Cana and New York…


“These are the things we need more of in these times — simple yet powerful communication.” That’s how Matthias Storath, CCO of HEIMET in Berlin and The One Show 2019 Integrated judge, praises Wieden+Kennedy’s “Dream Crazy” campaign, created for the 30th anniversary of Nike’s masterful “Just Do It” tagline. With newsmaking quarterback Colin Kaepernick front and center, Matthias himself “just did it” — by selecting “Dream Crazy” as his One Show Pick of the Day.