2degrees celebrates 10 years with new ‘Fighting for Fair’ brand campaign via TBWA\New Zealand


Telco 2degrees is taking its business – and brand – back to its roots with the launch of a new brand platform ‘Fighting For Fair’, which launches this week via TBWA\New Zealand.


In the year of its 10th birthday, the telco has started its party with a clear signal that it is continuing its fight for fair across all areas of its business.

Says Ben Wheeler, head of brand and communication, 2degrees: “We’ve started as we mean to continue – by offering value and fairness to our customers. We went against the grain and did the fair thing by freezing consumer broadband prices for 2019. After that, we announced we are teaming up with Amazon Prime Video to offer its content to our Broadband customers.

“In consumer mobile, we launched a discounted Kiwi Heroes plan for first responders, teachers, nurses and the military. Next came an Unlimited Mobile Plan with free hot spotting, and if a customer pools with three mates it costs an average of $40 per person per month.”

Wheeler says Kiwis will have seen a hint of the new brand with the Unlimited Mobile Plan ads but says that next ad – dubbed ‘dropped pie’ – showcases the evolution of 2degrees over time: “Dropped Pie tells the story of how 2degrees transformed the mobile market, and how we’ve grown and established our own mobile network and added a broadband and businesses offering too. It’s the first in a series of creative and second up is Handle the Jandal.”

The creative uses the universal digital language of emoji, all in a cheeky irreverent and distinctly 2degrees way.

TBWA chief creative officer Shane Bradnick says it will provide an agility to the creative that will enable that banter and challenge: “Telcos in New Zealand have lost a bit of their sense of fun. So, we wanted a brand platform that not only hit home with a strong proposition about what 2degrees offers, but also lets us have fun. 2degrees is one of the only telcos that can get away with Boney M as their soundtrack, comedian Pax Assadi as their voice over and make a point with the eggplant emoji.”

The new campaign will continue to roll out throughout the year and include activations, social and more Fighting For Fair stories.

Agency: TBWA New Zealand
Media: IKON
Production: Assembly