World’s first dedicated LGBTQI+ marketplace for LGBTQI+ influencers launches

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World’s first dedicated LGBTQI+ marketplace for LGBTQI+ influencers launches

Today sees the launch of the world’s first dedicated LGBTQI+ marketplace, connecting brands and agencies with LGBTQI+ influencers,


“Just Out Of Curiosity Digital” AKA, offers a new digital home for LGBTQI+ influencers.. Founded by Nigel Hickey and Mark Alexander, the network seeks to best match the right LGBTQI+ influencers to campaigns using sophisticated audience targeting to help brands better engage with the LGBTQI+ community, using authentic endorsements and eye-catching content.

Says Nigel Hickey, co-founder and group managing director: “We wanted to create a marketplace with which brands could strategically partner with the LGBTQI+ community at scale. When done right, we know influencer marketing is highly effective. Getting it right, means brands, agencies and influencers need transparency in authentication and audience insights to forge the right partnership.” offers brands and agencies an in-depth analysis of the quality and insights of an audience as well as identifying fake or bot follower numbers, through AI-powered technology.

Understanding an influencer’s value and market price is a widely debated topic, so proffers up-to-date price estimating data. Estimated market price of a post is based on influencer country, followers, engagement rate, and their overall audience quality analysed on market values. This ensures influencers are compensated fairly and that brands don’t feel they are paying too much for sponsored content.

To assist time poor professionals, will offer a campaign concierge who will review your campaign and short-list the best match influencers, based on your campaign objectives and brief. Users can manage their approvals and only approve and buy the content achieving the right creative outcome. The platform also allows users to stay on track with goal management and real-time reporting of campaign engagement rates, conversions, earned media, reach, and total media value.

The platform is connected to all major social media channels for brands and agencies to engage with influencers in campaigns, collaborations, invitations to attend events, product testing and reviews, promotional offers and product sampling will donate 10% of all profit to LGBTQI+ community projects nominated by their influencer network.

Launching today across Australia, New Zealand, the UK and USA, the support office will be based in Sydney, Australia.