solarcity kicks off new Grid for Good initiative with newly launched TV spot via Rainger & Rolfe


Kaitiakitanga, or guardianship of the land, is the founding principle behind a new 90 second manifesto created by Rainger & Rolfe to launch solarcity’s Grid for Good.


The Grid for Good concept encompasses a range of innovations and community-based initiatives created by the brand designed to revolutionise the way New Zealand is powered. Ultimately solarcity’s goal is to create smarter, cleaner energy that enables the current generation of Kiwis to act as caretakers for our country’s precious natural resources, and help create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Says Andrew Booth, founder and CEO, solarcity: “Climate change really is our generation’s ‘nuclear-free moment’ and we have to, do something before it’s too late. Clean energy is the key, which is why we are creating the Grid for Good. We need to find solutions to create a more sustainable tomorrow that keeps our children safe, and we are working tirelessly with the government, the community and Iwi to do so.”

Says Chris Long, creative director, Rainger & Rolfe: “Andy has an inspiring and infectious passion around helping the country achieve sustainability. So first and foremost we set out to find a creative way to articulate his amazing commitment to a cause he’s championed his entire life. Our direction was also inspired by the work the Iwi partnerships team is doing with Iwi and Marae across the country. The work had to be an authentic rallying cry that is uniquely New Zealand to reflect this. Ultimately it was a real privilege to be involved. Everyone at Rainger & Rolfe is incredibly inspired by solarcity and completely believe in what they’re aiming to achieve.”

At the heart of the Grid for Good is a new world leading, smart energy service called solarZero. It’s helping Kiwis power their homes using solar power with battery backup to homes across New Zealand. A subscription service that’s been likened to ‘Netflix on the roof’, which dramatically reduces the cost of energy, delivering it at a price which is up to 30% below the current residential price of energy. The intent is to kick-start a mass consumer movement towards solar power, timely considering the fact that the nation’s residential power prices have risen 79% since 1990 and in an average year New Zealand’s electricity generation plants emit 5 million tonnes of carbon. By delivering solar as a service to 500,000 homes and 5,000 commercial rooftops in the next decade, the Grid for Good has the potential to help end New Zealand’s dependence on fossil fuel generation and accelerate the nation’s transition to becoming 100% renewable by 2035.

The solarcity Grid for Good 90 second spot will be revealed at and, airs on Maori TV in August 2019 and across digital channels.

Client: solarcity
CEO: Andrew Booth
Chief Marketing Officer: Maryanne Smith
Iwi Partnerships Manager: Kahn Denton
Marketing Manager: Liesel Rowe

Agency: Rainger & Rolfe
Creative Director: Chris Long
Managing Partner: Ant Rainger
Account Director: Simon McKechnie
Agency Producer: Peter Mayo
Planner: Teresa Harris

Production Company: Film Construction
Director: Perry Bradley
Producer: Ivan Barge
DOP: Renaud Maire
Designer: Ash Turner
Music, Sound Design and Mix: Peter Hobbs at Harmonic & David Liversidge at Radiate
Choir: Tamariki from Hoani Waititi Marae

solarcity kicks off new Grid for Good initiative with newly launched TV spot via Rainger & Rolfe