My Most Immortal Ad: Martina Poulopati

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My Most Immortal Ad: Martina Poulopati

In the run-up to this year’s Immortal Awards, LBB’s jurors will each select an ad that they believe deserves the title of Immortal. Martina Poulopati, global brand communications lead of Essity, is next up in the series with what is regarded as one of the best ads of all time…


Apple ‘1984’ (Chiat/Day New York, Dir: Ridley Scott, 1984)

Says Poulopati: “There was a time in my career when everything suddenly turned dark. I had spent the better part of the last year working a campaign that was almost pulled off the air before even having the chance to launch.

“When the situation sank in, I thought, this is it. All this work will go to waste. What I thought was brilliant, was judged offensive, confusing at best and disgusting at worst.

“In the midst of all this, Essity president Georg Schmundt-Thomas, sat me down and shared the inside story of Apple’s notorious 1984 ad. How the Board of Directors hated it. How ChiatDay almost got fired for it. How difficult it was to launch. And then how it became a cultural event, an undeniable success. And an inspiration of bravery for years to come. It was a reminder that, sometimes, the greatest work you will ever do, will also be the hardest. And not everyone will be on your side.

“This ad and this story will always stay with me. Its creative bravery and the resilience of everyone who believed in it, is what makes it truly immortal.”

Martina Poulopati will be judging this year’s Immortal Awards. Entries are now open to all Little Black Book members, so head over to the submissions page to submit your best work. If you aren’t a member of Little Black Book yet, contact Lynchy at