MBM strengthens data capability as the first ‘Segment’ Premier Channel Partner in NZ

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MBM strengthens data capability as the first ‘Segment’ Premier Channel Partner in NZ

Data-led marketing consultancy MBM, is now the first Premier channel partner for Segment in New Zealand. This partnership recognises MBM’s capability to support Segment’s Customer Data Infrastructure (CDI) and help organisations with their data integrity, governance and management processes.


Says Alysha Delany (pictured), managing partner, MBM: “The Segment mantra of ‘Collect your data once. Empower every team’ is becoming increasingly important for clients who are looking at how best to aggregate data and personalise their approach to drive customer engagement. We’re excited to be able to support this fantastic technology – enabling our customers to get ahead of the game.”

To obtain certification, MBM had to prove its depth in technical and process proficiency to lead the adoption of Segment for New Zealand businesses. In return, MBM is able to work with the world’s top customer data infrastructure to develop best-in-class solutions for New Zealand clients.

Segment has a roster of some of the world’s most prestigious and forward-looking brands like Levis, Glossier and Intuit, alongside many exciting start-ups which have great use of data at the heart of their success.

Says Delany: “Data and marketing technology continues to experience significant growth globally all while businesses continue to struggle with how to develop and create an effective data-driven organisation. Segment enables brands to leap-frog their competition – by gathering, analysing and powering data to drive growth and prosperous customer connections.”

A recent survey showed the percentage of firms identifying themselves as being data-driven has declined in each of the past three years, from 37.1% in 2019 down to 31.0% in 2019. MBM expects this to be even more pronounced in New Zealand, due to a limited talent base but an increasing scope for marketing and digital departments.

Adds Delany: “We’re excited to work with Segment, as their product works seamlessly with existing marketing and advertising technology stacks to give organisations control and standardisation to future-proof their data definition and collection methodology, and provide a ‘define once, pipe anywhere’ functionality.

“If you want your brand and organisation to make the most of the mountain of data available to them, then you should be talking with MBM today about a solution which works for you.”