LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Santosh Padhi

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LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Santosh Padhi

Santosh Padhi is joining the Ambient, Print, Poster, Billboard jury at this year’s London International Awards. The judging takes place every year in the gambling world of Las Vegas and, in the lead up to this October gathering, Campaign Brief has asked many of the LIA jurors to throw the dice and highlight some of the work that they would put money on to win.


Likely is probably in the show, Lock is a LIA Statue winner for sure, and Long Shot is a maybe/maybe not but something they like or is a bit different.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Santosh Padhi LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Santosh Padhi

LIA Likely:
The Truck-Art-Child-finder piece which aims to track missing children in Pakistan, done by BBDO Pakistan and Berger Paints.

Knowing from where this piece is coming from, missing kids are in big numbers, the beautiful traditional hand painted Trucks give space for missing kids by putting their images big bold in similar painting style which actually worked as a travelling billboard to track the missing kids. loved the way the medium was maximised for this purpose, loved the creative solution, loved the used of medium, trucks, as some of these truck reaches to the deepest pockets and interior of smallest towns where even the officials cannot reach.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Santosh Padhi

LIA Lock:
Grey Dhaka and AgroBanking by United Commercial Bank’s initiative to transform fresh fruits and vegetables into bank accounts. win win situation for both bank and locals, where they roped in Shwapno Bangladesh’s largest grocery chain to purchase such goods at fair prices from the bank once the goods are deposited at the the new format banks.

I loved this idea, as it will positively impacts peoples lives, the issue being addressed is a big problem in many part of Asia, it’s a problem in India too, being a son of a farmer I can relate to this issues, the brand comes across as a saviour via this purposeful initiative, this is beyond normal banking, a very new age business approach to create goodwill with consumers, this is how you gain trust and relationship, not only the poor farmers but many others would love to bank with this bank who shows some heart towards a community by trying to over come a important issue of the society.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Santosh Padhi

LIA Long Shot:
Stay Free Project free period, a brave piece of work from India done by DDB and StayFree that launched to empower sex worker women by providing them alternative options to restart their lives, it’s never easy sneak through a deep rooted racket like this and yet find a real tangible solution, while for years many initiatives have been implemented to support and get them free, (especially the forced ones and they are big in numbers) Some how I feel this has right to set them free. An initiative that turned their 3 days of periods, (they are out of business for these 3 days) into 3 days of learning hence an alternative livelihood.

What I liked about the idea is this doesn’t get implemented overnight, it gives enough time for those women to mull over their past and what they are capable of and allows them to pick and chose what they are good at through this vocational training programme, this certainly has a definite solution and hence more effective.

Santosh Padhi is chief creative officer and co-founder of Taproot Dentsu Mumbai.