LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Joji Jacob

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LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Joji Jacob

Joji Jacob is joining the Ambient, Print, Poster, Billboard jury at this year’s London International Awards. The judging takes place every year in the gambling world of Las Vegas and, in the lead up to this October gathering, Campaign Brief has asked many of the LIA jurors to throw the dice and highlight some of the work that they would put money on to win.


Likely is probably in the show, Lock is a LIA Statue winner for sure, and Long Shot is a maybe/maybe not but something they like or is a bit different.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Joji Jacob

LIA Likely:
Stay Free Project for StayFree via DDB India. Take the ‘off days’ that female sex workers get during the month because of their periods, teach them vocational skills, and you’ve opened the doors out of poverty and prostitution a little more wide for them.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Joji Jacob

LIA Lock:
Truck-Art-Child-finder for Berger Paints via BBDO Pakistan. Having grown up in India, I can see how effective this work can be. Fact 1: Thousands of children go missing each year in Pakistan, Fact 2: Truck art is really big in the Indian subcontinent, and Fact 3: These trucks are ubiquitous all over the region.

Put the three facts together and what you have is high visibility mobile billboards roving the country with the paintings of missing children and a helpline. I hope this is work that will continue long after the awards season is over.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Joji Jacob LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Joji Jacob

LIA Long shot:
Waterproof Sarees for Hamam via Ogilvy. This is an innovation that deserves to be recognised but will probably be overlooked because it is rooted so deeply in the unique culture that spawned it.

Imagine this, you are a pious Indian woman. During the auspicious event of the Kumbh Mela, your religion prescribes a dip in the Ganges. You go into the river and emerge with your wet clothes clinging to your skin. Awkward and shy, you now have to make the long walk to the changing area through throngs of people. A waterproof saree would be, literally, a Godsent.

Joji Jacob is Co-Founder and Creative Partner of BLKJ Singapore.