My Most Immortal Ad: Jason Musante

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My Most Immortal Ad: Jason Musante

In the run-up to this year’s Immortal Awards, LBB’s jurors will each select an ad that they believe deserves the title of Immortal. Jason Musante, global chief creative officer at Huge, is next up in the series with a modern, instantly recognisable classic…


State Street Global Advisors ‘Fearless Girl’ (McCann, 2017)

Says Musante: “Fearless Girl was a sublime combination of craft and purpose delivered in a strikingly iconic visual that felt perfectly at home facing down one of the most iconic visuals of capitalism in the world. She was both empowering and immediately disarming. She didn’t talk but said everything she needed to; reaching billions with her steely gaze and defiant stance. Fearless Girl has since gone on to transcended advertising, becoming a cultural statement and landmark, literally.

“For the industry, it’s a compelling invitation to also be fearless in everything we do. To fearlessly push beyond the traditional confines of what advertising can be. To fearlessly work with clients and challenge them to take a stand in the world and make work that refuses to be ignored. To be fearless in fighting for change to make the world a more inclusive, equitable, place for everyone.”

Entries are now open for The Immortal Awards. Little Black Book members have up to five free entries (depending on their membership). The deadline to enter is September 9th. Members should visit the submissions page to complete their entries, whilst non-members can join LBB by contacting Lynchy