LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Merlee Jayme

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LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Merlee Jayme

Merlee Jayme is joining The NEW jury at this year’s London International Awards. The judging takes place every year in the gambling world of Las Vegas and, in the lead up to this October gathering, Campaign Brief has asked many of the LIA jurors to throw the dice and highlight some of the work that they would put money on to win.


Likely is probably in the show, Lock is a LIA Statue winner for sure, and Long Shot is a maybe/maybe not but something they like or is a bit different.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Merlee Jayme LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Merlee Jayme

LIA Likely:
Ogilvy Hong Kong. The Hot & Spicy series for KFC last year was a tough act to follow. But the team found a way to extend the idea in a series of new images: A concert, a dragon and a volcano. Conceptually not as strong but crafting was just as good. It still makes your tongue burn just by looking at it.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Merlee Jayme

LIA Lock:
ANZ Signs of Love. I can still vividly remember this bank’s very memorable GAYTMs. In another brave move, the Australia and New Zealand banking group came up with colorful outdoor installations to show its support for LGBTIQ+ inclusion. They turned Oxford street signs ( all 123 of them in different states) into colorful masterpieces of celebration, inclusion and comfort- as the community still don’t feel safe in some parts of the country. The brand clearly continues to push for #equalfuture for all.

LIA Likely, Lock + Long Shot: Merlee Jayme

LIA Long-Shot:
Ariel Share A Load “Son”. I have loved how this brand has questioned why laundry belongs to a woman and a mother in the past. But in the new campaign, I can totally relate to the insight that it is a Mother’s job to push equality among sons and daughters in the household. That the Mother is a “changemaker for an equal tomorrow” in the family. The film showed a story of how Mothers should push their sons to help out with the chores. It made me realize that sometimes, Mothers like me simply love doing things for our kids. We forget the fact that these are little lessons for them to learn in creating a future that is free of prejudices.

Merlee Jayme is Chairmom & Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Jayme Syfu in The Philippines.