My Most Immortal Ad: Kate Oh

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My Most Immortal Ad: Kate Oh

In the run-up to this year’s Immortal Awards, our jurors will each select an ad that they believe deserves the title of Immortal. There’s just one week left to get your work in to this year’s competition, so start your path to immortality today by submitting here. Kate Oh, chief creative officer and executive creative director of Cheil, is next up.


Volkswagen ‘Welcome to The Family’ (2005)

Says Oh: “No doubt, if I were to mention one of my life’s immortal ads, I would choose Volkswagen’s ‘Welcome to the Family’ without hesitation.

“This old classic commercial kept me dreaming of the warmth and happiness of advertising, whenever I was tired and wanted to quit this job!

“Carpenters’ sweet voice whispered, ‘Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time you are near?’

“Oh, I feel happy when a smile is built around my mouth. Yeah, it’s a happy thing to be an adman.”

Entries are now open for The Immortal Awards. Little Black Book members have up to five free entries (depending on their membership). The deadline to enter is September 9th. Members should visit the submissions page to complete their entries, whilst non-members can join LBB by contacting Lynchy