LIA final entry deadline: Monday, 16 September

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LIA final entry deadline: Monday, 16 September

LIA has announced the final deadline for entries, Monday 16th September. All entries must be finalised by 16th September.


There is still time to submit your work.
All Entries must be finalised by 16th September.
Physical Entry Material must be received by 16th September.



Every year LIA assembles the best creative talent from around the world to judge our entries. LIA is very selective as to who its jurors are, they must be the best of the best, highly recognised, award-winning individuals from within their respective fields.

But why is London International Awards in Las Vegas? Maybe one of the best moves LIA ever made. Las Vegas is one of the most creative cities in the world, a lighted oasis in the middle of the desert. Judging there is a unique experience. Jurors feel more connected to each other, with more conversation and interaction, and the results reflect that.

All rounds of judging are done on-site at the Encore-Wynn Hotel. And every judge is required to see every piece of work in their respective media. These panels decide on the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Statue Winners, as well as the Finalists. Each panel, at their discretion also decides on whether a Grand LIA will be awarded.

When all the awards are decided, every judge on each jury knows the results of their deliberations. Unlike some other shows, the results are open to the judges. We believe all should be transparent and satisfactory. Otherwise, what’s the point of having such great talent in the same room?

LIA is part of the WARC Creative 100 Rankings.

Categories include: Ambient • Billboard • Branded Entertainment • Design • Digital • Health & Wellness • Health & Wellness – Craft • Integration • Music & Sound • Music Video • Non-Traditional • Package Design • Pharmaceuticals • Pharmaceuticals – Craft • Podcast • Poster • Print • Production & Post-Production • Radio & Audio • Social Influencers • The NEW • TV/Cinema/Online Film

Work submitted must be broadcast, published or released in a commercial environment with client approval between 1st July 2018 and 31st July 2019.

All companies and/or individuals involved in the creative process are eligible to enter.