Powershop launches new ‘A power company you can love’ creative campaign via EightyOne

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In the latest creation from the team at Powershop, EightyOne, Assembly and MBM Kiwis see a typical Powershop customer in a not so typical relationship.


The new brand campaign explores the unique feeling and experience a customer can have with Powershop, a company that has always prided itself on being relatable, distinctive and for the people.

Says Chris Bleackley, ECD, EightyOne: “With great power comes great responsibility, so when we were asked to create a campaign showing Powershop’s unique customer relationship, we decided to challenge the status quo of the category. We agreed to try and make the mundane a bit magical and the team at Assembly have helped us bring this big pink loveable thing to life.”

Says Damon Duncan, co-founder and director of Assembly: “We loved the challenge of bringing this character to life on screen. Great scripts from the team at EightyOne opened the door for an interesting execution of our personification of power. By building a suit made from over 1000 programmable LED’s we enabled our actress to work with animation in the scene and have its light interact with the surroundings. A grounded approach that allowed for subtlety and performance to shine through.”

Says Monique O’Malley, brand manager, Powershop: “At Powershop our essence has always been about shifting power to the people and after ten years there is something really unique about what our customers say and how they feel about us, so we wanted to bottle that up and showcase it. EightyOne and Assembly personified the relationship between Powershop and a customer beautifully, by incorporating those special nuances you experience in any happy relationship.

Creative Agency: EightyOne
Head of Powershop: Margaret Cooney
Brand Manager: Monique O’Malley
Creative Lead: Nacho Sauri
Production Company: Assembly
Media Agency: MBM