Lemon & Paeroa gives two zombies the best day ever in latest campaign via DDB New Zealand


Lemon & Paeroa is back and more “Refreshingly Different” than ever in its new campaign, Best Day Ever. Teaming up with DDB New Zealand, L&P are celebrating a humorously different view of the world by following two guys who are having the best day of their lives.


Launching this week, Best Day Ever goes against the grain of Hollywood’s harsh zombie stereotype, instead choosing to show that by living differently, everyone, even zombies, can break from the norm and have fun doing it. A uniquely Kiwi campaign for an iconic New Zealand brand, Best Day Ever will inspire punters to strive for a life of freedom and fun.

Damon Stapleton, regional chief creative officer, DDB NZ & AU, says the beauty of the Refreshingly Different brand platform is its ability to revisit well-trod paths in new ways, in this case injecting genuine, simple humour into the classic zombie genre with all its tropes and quirks attached.

Lemon & Paeroa gives two zombies the best day ever in latest campaign via DDB New Zealand

Says Stapleton: “Zombies are brilliantly fun to play with. L&P wanted to continue on from the success of On the Lamb, with that great tale of friendship, by bringing that same feeling with zombies – I think we succeeded in that. Each activity these zombie mates get up to is something we can relate to and laugh at.”

Laura Knight, marketing manager for L&P, says they wanted to highlight the way this brand does things a little differently. Kiwis have built up high expectations for L&P ads over the years and the team were conscious of living up to that.

Lemon & Paeroa gives two zombies the best day ever in latest campaign via DDB New Zealand

Says Knight: “We wanted an attention grabbing campaign that celebrates our position as an iconic brand with iconic ads, by putting a new spin on our long term Refreshingly Different platform. Our two zombie friends are certainly different and having the time of their lives!”

L&P’s new campaign, Best Day Ever, will roll out across TV, cinema, social and digital channels.

Client: Lemon & Paeroa
General Manager Strategy & Brand: Wendy Rayner
Head of Marketing and Design: Angela Broad
Marketing Manager: Laura Knight

Agency: DDB New Zealand
Regional Chief Creative Officer, NZ/AU: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Gary Steele
Creative Director: Rory McKechnie
Senior Art Director: Zac Lancaster
Art Director: Sarsha Drakeford
Copywriter: Sylvia Humphries
Managing Partner: Nikki McKelvie
Senior Business Director: Crystal Clark
Executive Planning Director: Lucinda Sherborne
Business Manager: Violet Hong
Business Manager: Ravina Raju
Executive Agency Producer: Judy Thompson
Agency Producer: Samantha Royal

Production Company: Sweetshop
Director: Damien Shatford
Executive Producer: Ben Dailey
Producer: Lynnette Gordon
DOP: Marty Williams
Editor: Tim Mauger
Post Production online: The Machine Room
VFX: Stu Bedford
Colourist: Dave Gibson
Post Producer: Hannah Walker
Music: Sheryl Crow – All I Wanna Do
Audio: Jon Cooper, The Coopers
Photographer: Troy Goodall
Music Licensing: Jonathan Mihaljevich, Franklin Road