Grace O’Brien’s Creative LIAisons Diary #1

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Grace O’Brien’s Creative LIAisons Diary #1

Grace O’Brien (above), copywriter at whiteGREY Sydney is representing Australia at the 2019 LIA Creative LIAisons program in Las Vegas, featuring some of the world’s most respected creative directors as speakers. Here O’Brien reports exclusively for CB.


Today’s theme was sonic branding as told to you by Ralph van Dijk and Diederik van Middelkoop.

Here’s what I learned:

– No one cares about your ads, so you may as well be radical (but still on brief);
– The best audio ads make the listener a co-author; and
– Audio is linear. One brief, one message, one ad.

I’m left feeling like it’s an interesting time to be a creative, specifically one who trades in words. I can’t wait to go home and apply my new-found knowledge to a fifteen-second radio brief with five key messages, two tracks, a sonic logo and twelves lines of terms and conditions.