Grace O’Brien’s Creative LIAisons Diary #2

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Grace O’Brien, copywriter at whiteGREY Sydney is representing Australia at the 2019 LIA Creative LIAisons program in Las Vegas, featuring some of the world’s most respected creative directors as speakers. Here O’Brien reports exclusively for CB.


Is it really only day two? I feel like I’ve been in Las Vegas for thirty years, give or take. But I digress.

Here are two observations from today:

1. Everyone is in love with Pum Lefebure, and rightly so.
2. Everyone thinks that their field or specialism — be it audio, visual or branded entertainment — is ‘the future.’

I think the biggest learning, though, was around craft. Each of today’s speakers, from Pum Lefebure (I just love saying her name) and Piyush Pandey to Kerstin Emhoff’s panel of excellence, made the same point: knowing your craft is the key to success. If inspiration is a butterfly, then your craft is your net; you need it to catch ideas when they happen fly by.

That last line alone is proof I have a lot more ‘crafting’ to do.