The Fermentist celebrates New Zealand’s first carboNZero Certified Beer with the release of a unique ASMR experience via Swish Studios

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Christchurch brewery, The Fermentist, has officially released its Kiwi Pale Ale (KPA) as New Zealand’s first certified carboNZero beer, with all new packaging that carries Enviro-Mark’s carboNZero certification, and an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) content piece that traces the KPA’s journey from grain to glass.


Says Andy Day, director: “ASMR, a cult trend that’s swept the internet, is known for its sense-tingling sound effects which play with the listener’s stereo perception. We think this is the first time a Kiwi brand has tapped into the global phenomenon of ASMR like this, which is fittingly pioneering as The Fermentist is also the first Kiwi brewery to produce a carboNZero certified beer. The piece is designed to be experienced while drinking the carboNZero KPA, for a tingling sensory moment of taste, sight and sound.”

The ASMR content was produced by Swish Studios, who captured reference audio at The Fermentist’s Christchurch home before partnering with audio artist Suren Unka to recreate the sounds in Auckland – think jasmine rice for the barley, and skateboard wheels on warehouse floors for the sounds of the conveyor belt.

Says Kat McDonald, sustainability manager at The Fermentist’s parent company Lion: “This ASMR piece is not only a really fun and interactive experience for fans, encouraging them to be mindful and appreciative with every sip, it also helps people to be more conscious of what they purchase and consume, inspiring them to take the time to think about what’s gone into the beer and the journey it’s taken to get to their hands.”

Client: Lion / The Fermentist
Production: Swish Studios
DOP: Alex Glucina
Director: Andy Day
Audio Engineer: Suren Unka
PR Agency: Thrive PR NZ