Seamus Higgins’ LIA Diary from Las Vegas #1

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Seamus Higgins’ LIA Diary from Las Vegas #1

Seamus Higgins (above), vice president and chief creative officer R/GA APAC is Australia’s representative on the LIA Non-Traditional jury where judging is currently taking place in Las Vegas. Here van Higgins reports exclusively for CB.


Day Minus One

I’m questioning whether or not I should really be writing this right now. I haven’t slept in thirty hours. When I arrived at the hotel, the smiling lady said my room wouldn’t be ready for another four hours. So I changed into shorts, brushed my teeth in a casino bathroom, and found a deck chair in the shade by the pool. That shade quickly disappeared. I’m one loaded-dog and three Coors Light deep. A leathery old man with a white handle-bar moustache keeps looking at me. To my right Lynchy is walking around the pool with a mini entourage, taking photos. I hope I’m not in them.

And that reminds me why I’m writing this. LIA judging diary.

I watched a great documentary on the plane called “It all started with a stale sandwich”. It celebrates fifty years of the Kaldor Public Art Projects. It was started by a Hungarian migrant called John Kaldor, who wanted to expose Australia to the raging international avant-garde art scene. Project No.1 comprised of Cristo wrapping a large chunk of Sydney’s Little Bay coastline in white fabric. Imagine that in 60’s Australia. He went on to bring out other incredible artists like Gilbert and George, and Jeff Koons. Nothing about what they did was easy. The artists were all pioneers in creating confronting, meaningful, unforgettable experiences. The Kaldor Public Art Projects opened up new possibilities for creativity in Australia.

Tomorrow I’m going to start judging work in the Non-traditional category, and that’s what I’m going to be looking for – work that expands the horizon of possibility for our industry.

I’m going to go check if my room is ready now.