Teenagers on a mission to catch the real Santa Claus in Orange’s new film via Publicis Conseil

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Orange is launching its new Christmas campaign with Publicis Conseil Paris around its star offer, the “Connected House” and a theme worthy of our childhood dreams: for the first time, we will be able to capture the real Santa Claus when he comes to the house… in shops or on the street.


It all begins when a group of children and teenagers from the same neighbourhood embark on a mission that no one has ever succeeded before them: catching the real Santa Claus. Their ingenious organisation, the solidarity of their crew and the help of the connected home technology will bring them considerably closer to their goal, to the rhythm of a jingle bells cover especially re-orchestrated by Orange in punk mode. Will this capture plan just be a dream or a reality? It’s up to the viewer to decide.

The film, entitled “We got him! “and directed by Jeff Low, will be broadcast from 14th November in cinema and TV with a 60-second format broadcast during the half-time of the France-Moldova football game.

Other elements, print, digital, on social networks, in stores, in League 1 stadiums and special operations, will make this “#AttrapezNoël” (Catch Chistmas) mission the business of all French people through a powerful and jubilant global campaign for the holiday season.

Advertiser: Orange
Agency: Publicis Conseil
Brand Managers: Gaëlle Le Vu, Quentin Delobelle, Annabel Salesa, Caroline Fortabat et Ombline Thomine-Desmazures.
Account Managers Publicis Conseil: Marie Wallet, Claudia Weiss, Steven Roué, Pascaline Montroussier.
Creative Director: Fabrice Delacourt
Strategic Planner: Damien Sabatier

Films Got Him (TV & Cinéma)
Copywriter: Marc Rosier
Art Director: Jean-Marc Tramoni
AD Assistants: Caroline Delhoume et Célia Kuczynski
TV Producer Prodigious: Benjamin Auberdiac
Production Company: La Pac
Producer: Jérôme Denis
Director: Jeff Low
DOP: Marcel Zyskind
Editng: Adriana Legay
Color Grading: Thomas Canu
Post-production: La Pac
Post-Production Manager: Betty Bertrand
Sound Production: Boris Nicou, Joël Tessonneau
Music: Titre: Jingle bells punk
Arrangeur: P Uminski
Editeur: Orange Editions
Producteur: Orange SA

Print (Press & Outdoor, Point of Sale)
Copywriter: Marc Rosier
Art Director: Jean-Marc Tramoni
AD Assistants: Caroline Delhoume et Célia Kuczynski
Art Buyer: Flore Silberfeld
Agency Producer: Sandrine Martin
Photographer: Nick & Chloé
Production: Soixante-quinze, Benoît Dreyfus

Copywriter: Marc Rosier
Production: Boris Nicou, Thomas Corbel (Prodigious)
Agency Producer: Sandrine Martin

Flagship dramatisation
Account Managers: Antoine Clergeot, Paul Lelievre, Paul Fialip
Production: Arc Worldwild

Digital activation
Account Managers Marcel: Pascal Nessim, Eric Guillod, Estelle Littaye, Julien Cassar
Social media manager: Constance Bonardi
Creative Director: Xavier Le Boullenger, Eulalia Bartolomeu
Creative team: Amélie Mariotti, Victor Renaux, Jean-Charles Paillat
Digital Production: Eva Castrillo, Charles Ramaré, Sacha Bassili
TV Production: Manon Lapeyre, Sveva Rossino
Director: Edouard Le Scouarnec