The Warehouse captures the power of NZ’s new-found symbol of hope in new campaign via DDB NZ

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The Warehouse, through DDB New Zealand has released a new campaign, Teddy. Teddy speaks to the highly popular New Zealand Bear Hunt phenomenon allowing Kiwis of all ages to spread joy and connectedness from their windowsill.


This uplifting spot was initiated and shot by two filmmakers who challenged themselves to create a film from home.

The inspiration for Teddy came from the simple joy displayed by children spotting teddy bears in neighbouring windows. The initiative film duo set out to see if they could shoot and edit a simple film, without leaving their home.

By using their kids as talent, pre-loved teddy’s as props and their own house as the set, all shots were secured without leaving their bubble.

Says Anna Lawrence, general manager of marketing, The Warehouse: “The teddy bear has become a symbol of togetherness for Kiwis. The film is simple in its messaging, stay hopeful, stay safe we can’t wait to see you again.”

The charming spot follows a well-loved teddy, sitting lonely in the window. As she gazes blankly outside, she suddenly captures a small glimpse of kindness in the neighbouring windowsill, another teddy bear, sharing an amiable wave.

Says Damon Stapleton, regional chief creative officer, DDB: “The power of creative execution is important as we become acquainted to these strange times. This spot proves that creativity is adaptable and can be unleashed in the most limited circumstances.”

The TVC will feature in 60” and 30” across TV and online.

Agency – DDB
Brad Collett – Creative Director
Claire Colohan – Senior TV Producer
Annabel Rees – Group Business Director
Margot Rudolphe – Business Coordinator
Client – The Warehouse
Anna Lawrence – General Manager Marketing
Troy Rawhiti-Connell – Head of Copy