Kiwi New Jersey-based filmmaker creates short film ‘The Wait’ which explores the experience of lockdown through the eyes of a child

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New Jersey-based Kiwi expat filmmaker Manahi Taber-Kewene, has created a short film called ‘The Wait’, which explores the experience of lockdown through the eyes of a child.


Made at home in New Jersey, this short film began as a desire to simply document Taber-Kewene’s family experience while self-isolating. Over time, however, it morphed into something more narrative in scope.

Says Taber-Kewene: “I realized during the initial weeks of isolation that although my wife and I were hyper attentive to the constant news stream of all things COVID-19, my kids were not. That became the impetus for this project, and my interest in exploring lockdown through the perspective of a child. I chose my daughter Cecily to be the voice both because she expressed interest and because I felt she could take direction in terms of voiceover performance.

“Although I wrote the script, the dialogue is almost entirely taken from early conversations with Cecily about her understanding, fears, and uncertainties surrounding the virus. Mostly documentary, partly staged, this was an experiment from the beginning, and a collaborative labor of family love.”

Directed, shot, edited, graded, and mixed by Manahi Taber-Kewene.