The Work 2020 Contenders: Good Oil

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With Cannes Lions and LIA postponed until 2021, Campaign Brief is still out to recognise and showcase the great work that is being produced in the region. So we are introducing The Work 2020 Contenders.

AA Insurance: Dinosaur Vs Unicorn
DDB New Zealand
Adam Gunser, Good Oil
This spot follows a juvenile T-Rex as he stalks his otherworld unicorn prey around a family home. Together they bump and thrash about, narrowly missing precious objects. Towards the end of the spot the two characters reveal their true identity.. a father and daughter living out a fantasy; embodying the idea of living a little freer thanks to AA home contents Insurance.

Bank Of Melbourne: If You Have The Will We Have The Way
Saatchi & Saatchi Melbourne
Adam Gunser, Good Oil
This classic rags to riches story follows a sassy penguin from St. Kilda who has the drive and will to take on the big city and make a success of herself. It’s launched Bank Of Melbourne’s campaign, letting Victorian’s know ‘If you have the will, we have the way’.

VW Amarok: Too Powerful For TV
DDB Sydney
Adam Stevens, Good Oil
What if you created the most epic car ad ever, but Advertising standards meant you weren’t allowed to show it? That’s the idea behind the Volkswagen’s “Too powerful for TV” Amarok campaign. The story comes complete with a prima donna director, austere safety office and a host of clever ways to showcase features car manufacturers have struggled with for years.

Movember: Man Of More Words
Cummins & Partners
Curtis Hill, Good Oil
Movember Foundation urges men to speak up through the launch of it’s campaign ‘Man Of More Words’. It follows the story of a quiet, familiar stoic who finds the courage to speak out and discuss what’s really going on.

Trade Me: There’s Someone For Everything
Clemenger BBDO
Dave Wood, Good Oil
Trade Me celebrates all the weird and wonderful listings on their trading platform through it’s campaign ‘There’s Someone For Everything.’ The story follows a young man chuffed to buy an impractical new car for all the reasons the owner wants to sell it.

Colorsteel: For A Home You Can Be Proud Of
DDB New Zealand
Fiona McGee, Good Oil
This campaign by roofing company Colorsteel follows the the budding romance of two young lovers. Throughout the spot, the girl leads her new boyfriend to believe that her neighbours enviable property is her own. When we the fib comes crashing down we see that with Colorsteel you can have the sort of home that anyone would be proud to call their own.

McDonald’s: The Day After
DDB New Zealand
Fiona McGee, Good Oil
This campaign, launched on New Years day, turns a light-hearted lens on the ‘Day After’ moments that we can all relate to. The narrative closes on an eye-patched young man relieved at the sight of a fresh-faced delivery driver with a steaming bag of Macca’s.

Lifewise: House Of Cars
DDB New Zealand
Giulietta Amato, Good Oil
House Of Cars is an immersive experience in support of homeless New Zealanders. The campaign calls on landlords to consider opening their rental properties to those most in need. Placed in the country’s most affluent business centre, the interactive piece is made of reclaimed car parts and immerses visitors in the experience of what it’s like to be forced to live in your car. The interior tells the moving stories of real Kiwis who’ve been found themselves without roofs over their heads.

ALDI: Santa Crashes Christmas
BMF Sydney
Hamish Rothwell, Good Oil
When Santa crashes his sleigh into a rural, Australian town the townsfolk use their ingenuity and welcoming Aussie spirit to get him back up and running again. But there’s one problem; Santa has forgotten who he is. With some spirited encouragement and a helping hand from an ALDI Christmas feast Santa remembers who he is – and that he has a job to do.

ALDI: The Miracle Ham
BMF Sydney
Hamish Rothwell, Good Oil
This fable is the tale of a ham that never diminishes, no matter how many slices you take. The magic is discovered by Beryl, who travels door to door demonstrating the magic and building a spirited following of ham lovers. Just when the united town sits down for a Christmas feast, a jealous rival throws the ham off a cliff – only for it to be caught by a fisherman below; confirming to all that it truly is ‘The Miracle Ham’.

Holden Colorado: Not To Be Outdone
The Monkeys
Hamish Rothwell, Good Oil
Holden’s ‘Not To Be Outdone’ campaign follows a man and his Colorado taking on a mountain goat in an epic race to the top of a mountain. In this ultimate contest of sure footedness the driver and his vehicle challenge deep rivers, large boulders and steep climbs to best his bleating nemesis.

Schweppes: The Rush
TBWA Melbourne
JH Walker, Good Oil
A swarm of bubbles descend on a city, interacting with and lighting up the world in a swirl of freshness. We end on a stylish party with the pop of a bottle cap, triggering Schweppervesence.

Lion: Tokyo Dry 2
DDB New Zealand
Joel Kefali, Good Oil
This campaign is an energetic display of all things Japanese; celebrating the best New Zealand ingredients meeting Japanese brewing mastery. It’s set to the iconic New Zealand track, ‘Slice Of Heaven’, featuring a re-record that pays homage to contemporary and traditional Japanese musical stylings.

Fiji Tourism: Singing
Saatchi & Saatchi Auckland
Justin McMillan, Good Oil
In this musical, uplifting spot we see that in Fiji happiness finds you. We follow an array of natural, Fijian scenes with locals and tourists singing, adding to a goosebump inducing choral swell.

Pet Refuge: Love Can Hurt
DDB New Zealand
Michelle Savill, Good Oil
Pet Refuge crafted this important campaign based on shocking statistics that huge numbers of women delay leaving abusive relationships because they fear what will happen to their pets. We follow the story of a woman who must choose between her own safety and the safety of her dog. Pet Refuge aims to build the first shelter dedicated to housing pets affected by family violence.

Woolmark: Born To Breathe
TBWA Sydney
Nathan Price, Good Oil
The centrepiece of this campaign is a film that tells the story of a synthetic world that has forgotten how to live naturally. When our protagonist is gifted a Merino Wool sweater by a mysterious woman she is able to break free from the fake, suffocating world and finds herself in the natural world hiding just beyond the smoggy horizon.


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