Born Bred Talent returns home to NZ to ramp up TikTok offering and launch FREE TikTok webinars

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Born Bred Talent returns home to NZ to ramp up TikTok offering and launch FREE TikTok webinars

Influencer marketing agency Born Bred Talent has ramped up its offering in New Zealand by signing 20 new TikTok creators to its NZ talent roster and launching one of the first major TikTok campaigns in the country.


Following the success of the campaign, which was a partnership between the agency, global fashion brand Superdry and Universal Music New Zealand artist eleven7four earlier this month, Born Bred Talent has launched FREE TikTok webinars to educate brands, marketers, advertisers and business owners on how to leverage the platform in the local market.

Founder and Director Clare Winterbourn, who was born and raised in New Zealand before crossing the ditch to Australia for work, said she is excited to ramp up Born Bred Talent’s offering in the country and help New Zealand brands leverage the power of TikTok on a local and global scale with the free educational series.

Says Winterbourn: “New Zealand has always been home to me, and I’m thrilled we can continue to support New Zealand brands, organisations, artists and content creators, as well as global brands looking to engage and interact with New Zealand consumers.

“Our New Zealand talent roster has 20 top-tier creators from all around the country who are eager and ready to support local brands and businesses through engaging, viral content, so these webinars will equip brands with the tools, best practices, industry knowledge and insights they need to use TikTok strategically and make an impact.”

The Born Bred Talent New Zealand talent roster includes Waiata Jennings (121k followers), who is a dual code representative, Jordyn Tereu (173k followers), Aaron Isaac (145k followers), Adam Cookson, aka @youngsurf (77k followers), Lydia MacNail (65k followers) and Bella Howarth (84k followers). The roster of talent has a combined reach of 3 million.

Born Bred Talent returns home to NZ to ramp up TikTok offering and launch FREE TikTok webinars

Athlete, influencer and TikTok creator Waiata Jennings said she is excited to be part of the Born Bred Talent team and use her platform to support local businesses and artists: “Born Bred Talent are TikTok specialists, so I’m thrilled to be working with them and participating in campaigns that make an impact, both here in New Zealand and on globally too.

“TikTok is such a great platform and I love creating content that is fun, creative and engaging but is also strategic and helps brands connect with consumers in a new way.”

Superdry’s head of marketing and PR Matthew Iozzi, who has been working with Born Bred Talent to launch the brand’s presence in New Zealand and celebrate new store openings, urged marketers and advertisers to connect with Born Bred Talent and take advantage of the free webinar series to learn how to leverage TikTok.

Says Iozzi: “Clare’s knowledge of the New Zealand market and specialised understanding of the TikTok platform has been critical to our success in New Zealand in the last 12 months, and we look forward to continuing to work with her and the Born Bred Talent team on an ongoing campaign rollout.”

The Born Bred Talent TikTok webinars are free for marketers, advertisers and brands who want to learn how to adopt TikTok in their marketing strategy, leverage engaging TikTok influencers on the platform and create viral content in line with platform and industry best practices.

Born Bred Talent officially launched in New Zealand in 2019 with an office in Takapuna, alongside offices in Sydney and Brisbane, and has now ramped up its offering and presence in New Zealand with a dedicated team and robust talent roster.

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