Colenso BBDO Executive CD Steve Cochran and creative director Mike Davison depart

Colenso BBDO Executive CD Steve Cochran and creative director Mike Davison depart

After more than 22 years with Colenso BBDO and 26 with Clemenger BBDO, CB can reveal that Colenso BBDO Executive Creative Director Steve Cochran (left) has taken voluntary redundancy. Colenso BBDO creative director and head of art Mike Davison (right), who has been with the agency for over seven years, has also departed, in addition to just over a dozen others.


In a parting message to Colenso BBDO staff Cochran said he had taken voluntary redundancy: “And the simple answer to why, is, well, I was asked if I would.

“Colenso, like many other agencies, is having to look carefully at the books and make some calls to see them through the coming period of economic uncertainty.

“And they want to do that with an eye to the future.

“Seems these are extraordinary times we all find ourselves in. And they make for some extraordinary measures.

“Of course, there are many reasons to make a call like this and many reasons why I’d agree.

“Having had quite a number of approaches to go to other agencies over the last dozen or so years, the time has never felt right. There were never enough good reasons to leave Colenso. It has been an amazing place to be a part of for more than two decades. I have been with Clems for half my life.

“And I have been privileged to have been a part of it and to have enjoyed it for so long. It has treated me well.

“So, I didn’t make the decision lightly. But right now, in these strange days, you do find yourself standing back, revaluating where you’re at, what’s important, and what your future could look like.

“Of course, self-reflection is even more focussed when confronted with a decision like this.

“For a number of reasons now does feel like the right time to have a change. The notion of having a break for a bit is super appealing. Taking time out to concentrate on family and get through this unusual period we find ourselves in is an attractive thought.

“But also, although I’m in no hurry, the longer-term prospect of finding new opportunities, whether that be freelancing, finding a new agency role or even something else is quite exciting for me.

“And honestly, it’s satisfying to know that in leaving Colenso, I will create space for other creatives to grow, step-up and lead. There is no shortage of talent there to do so.

“I sincerely wish them, and all the wonderful people at Colenso, and all the great clients I’ve worked with, all the very best.”

Colenso BBDO Executive CD Steve Cochran and creative director Mike Davison depart

In an email to CB Cochran added: “For the record – since then, I’ve been involved in a few freelance projects, including for Clemenger, and also talking to a lot of people. But mainly having some earned down time.

“As for highlights, there are way too many to name, but much work for Air New Zealand, New World, Fonterra, Bank of New Zealand and both Yellow Treehouse Restaurant and Yellow Chocolate projects will always be on my reel.”

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Colenso BBDO Executive CD Steve Cochran and creative director Mike Davison depart

Davison told CB: “Given that Colenso years are like dog years, I’ve had a very enriching 49 years there. Stock-piling experience and gleaning smarts and dad jokes from the impressive people around me. It’s where my best work has come from, so leaving was not an easy decision. Lots of lols and poignant moments along the way – helping turn Spark into a brand with a heart, and in particular the Kupu app, stand out.

“But I’m now available for lawn mowing and bathroom feng shui consults.” Davison can be contacted at