Maserati premieres MC20 Supercar with online product launch platform ‘Toast’ via Resn

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Maserati premieres MC20 Supercar with online product launch platform ‘Toast’ via Resn

Luxury Italian automaker Maserati has unveiled its MC20 supercar in a spectacular live-streamed global premiere in partnership with digital agency Resn, on “Maserati Day” – a global day of celebration for the car company.


Selected invitees, as well as thousands of online Maserati fans from around the world, witnessed the supercar take centre stage in a live event that included brand videos, a choral performance, live user commentary, exclusive unlockable content for online viewers, and the stunning MC20 supercar itself.

The event, dubbed “MMXX”, was held at the famous Autodromo di Modena race track on a custom-built stage that featured giant three-storey projection screens. Automotive influencer James Walker, better known as Mr JWW, hosted the evening which featured presentations from key members of the Maserati team in front of a live audience and online viewers from around the globe. To ensure social distancing, audience members attending the event were seated inside different Maserati models from the current range and legendary vehicles from Maserati’s past.

To live stream the online event, Maserati partnered with Resn, an expert in interactive online experiences. The live stream was hosted on the House of Maserati website, designed and built by Resn, which served as a virtual exhibition space for the debut. As a bonus, online viewers could interact through live commenting and custom Maserati reaction icons. They could also unlock and preview exclusive pieces of Maserati Day content and download it at the end of the experience.

The MC20 debut was the final event in a series of online launches that Maserati staged with Resn this year on the House of Maserati website. The series kicked off with the unveiling of the 2021 Ghibli Hybrid in July, continued with the reveal of the three-vehicle Trofeo collection in August, and concluded with the launch of the MC20.

Maserati premieres MC20 Supercar with online product launch platform ‘Toast’ via Resn

Says Rik Campbell, managing director of Resn: “We didn’t approach these events as simple product launches—we approached them as celebrations. We wanted to engage fans all over the world and give them an experience that they would never forget, letting them discover something truly special. Something befitting a Maserati.”

Each of the virtual debuts was a unique experience, featuring a different mix of live and pre-recorded elements that brought together thousands of Maserati enthusiasts and journalists from all over the globe.

Maserati premieres MC20 Supercar with online product launch platform ‘Toast’ via Resn

Resn’s global team designed and created the online events with Toast, a system the company built to help brands stage fully-immersive online product launches. Resn’s new technology embraces the growing trend of product launches moving online, helping brands to create virtual experiences that are as compelling and dynamic as live events.

Says Campbell: “Toast can reach much larger audiences than traditional events, maximising engagement while providing a sense of community. That community connection, which is especially important in our current global climate, is what really sets Toast apart.”

Toast experiences are fully-customisable and can combine live and pre-recorded elements. More information about Toast can be found at:

All three Maserati events, including the MC20 launch, can be viewed in their entirety at the House of Maserati website: and the MC20 event can be watched on YouTube below (40 minutes)