Domino’s takes delivery to the car park in newly launched campaign via Elevencom, Sydney

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Domino’s has launched a major new campaign this week via Elevencom to promote its new Car Park Delivery service. The campaign is set to air in New Zealand.


The commercial features a car that has been driven from the bottom of the ocean by two fish who need to pick up their pizza order before the cabin empties of water.

The scenario highlights that Domino’s Car Park Delivery is perfect for people who don’t want to leave their car to pick up their pizza.

The free, zero contact, pick-up service, which is available when placing pre-paid orders online or via the mobile app, is just one of the steps Domino’s is taking to ensure pizza lovers can still enjoy a slice of their favourite treat without coming into store.

Says Allan Collins, chief marketing officer ANZ, Domino’s: “Car Park delivery offers further peace of mind to customers who would feel more comfortable staying inside their vehicle when picking up their pizza.

“It gives our pick-up customers the convenience of delivery for no extra charge.”

Ryan Fallowfield, creative director at Elevencom said the campaign was one of the most complex ever created for Domino’s: “Two fish driving a car full of water was a beautifully simple idea on paper, but bringing it to life was a massive job and the team nailed it.”

The campaign will run in Australia and New Zealand on TV and digital channels.

Allan Collins, Chief Marketing Officer, ANZ
Teneille Rudd, Brand Manager, AU
Phoebe Kenny, Brand Manager, NZ
Natasha Guiulfo, Assistant Brand Manager, AU
Peter Walmsley, Senior Production Manager

Agency: Elevencom
Creative Team: Oliver Devaris, Ryan Fallowfield, Jono McCauley, Tim Arrowsmith
Operations Director: John McLachlan

Production: Taxi Film Production
Director: Jonathan Nyquist
Senior Producer: Mark Bishop

Post Production: Alt.VFX
VFX Supervisor: Andrew Hellen
VFX Producer: Celeste Fairlie                            

Sound: Sounds Like Butter
Sound Designer: Stevie-leigh Batiste

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