The NZ Electoral Commission launches dynamic OOH campaign via FCB New Zealand

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The NZ Electoral Commission launches dynamic OOH campaign via FCB New Zealand

FCB NZ is helping Kiwi voters exercise their democratic rights this general election, via a localised dynamic out of home campaign for the New Zealand Electoral Commission.


The campaign is of particular importance this year, so voters know there are more voting places available than usual, including right through the early voting period. To help avoid confusion, FCB NZ, oOh!media and the Electoral Commission are using dynamic information to guide voters to their nearest voting place.

Running across the company’s extensive network of digital street furniture assets, Shopalive retail and Unilive study networks, the dynamic creative, powered by FCB’s proprietary dynamic personalisation platform ‘BOB’, uses site-specific messaging to inform the public about nearby voting places and opening times.

The contextual approach of the messaging includes a street address, voting place opening times and the distance in metres to the nearest voting place, which are layered on top of a map that visualises pins of the voting locations, updated dynamically via an API.

To make the campaign as effective as possible for early voting and for election day itself, many sites have multiple creatives scheduled to them, to play at different times throughout the day reflective of when and where each voting place will be open.

Over the space of two weeks, as every booth opens and closes, the dynamic changes will result in a possible 4,231 different creative states and 16,048 changes served across 290 screens nationally, delivering 24/7 contextual relevance.

Says Suzanne Knight, manager communications and education at the Electoral Commission: “With advance voting growing in popularity, we needed a campaign that helped New Zealanders find out where they could vote, and that was localised to their unique area. We’re really pleased at the reach and personalisation this campaign has delivered, especially as we have voting places in a very wide range of different locations.”

Says James McMullan, head of digital projects at FCB NZ: “This campaign is all about grabbing voters’ attention across the country and is a great example of an integrated agency firing on all cylinders. Smart media thinking, creative with purpose, using FCB’s mass personalisation tool, BOB, together with oOh!’s assets, means over 16,000 messages will constantly update Kiwis on where they can vote in real time, wherever they are.

“We have worked closely with oOh!media to plan this campaign in great detail, and using the personalisation platform for the dynamic digital creative adds an extra layer of audience relevance and engagement.”