TRACK Aotearoa helps KidsCan secure more support for Kiwi kids

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TRACK Aotearoa helps KidsCan secure more support for Kiwi kids

Earlier this year as KidsCan came to terms with the financial impacts of COVID-19 on Kiwi families, the charity prepared itself for an extra 10,000 children needing their help. KidsCan relies on monthly donations as a reliable source of income to support the children in their various partner schools with food, warm coats, shoes and sanitary items so they can get the most out of their education.​


While an urgent call for support earlier in the year drove significant one-off donations, anticipating the long tail of this present crisis, KidsCan identified the need to motivate those one-off donors to consider regular monthly giving.

To do this, they enlisted TRACK who developed a three-phase out-reach journey taking those one-off donors from the emotional connection of the initial donation, through an informative process giving them reasons to stay engaged, to motivating story telling driving action via a long term commitment of support.

TRACK’s three-phased direct outreach proved a compelling trigger for generous Kiwis, with more than 200 one-off donors committing to a monthly giving programme. This translates to a full month’s worth of annualised giving, with most committed donors staying active for at least 2-5 years.

KidsCan founder and CEO, Julie Chapman, says convincing Kiwis who’ve shown one-off support for KidsCan to maintain their support is a powerful measure to improve the lives of Kiwi kids.

Says Chapman: “One-off donations at critical times are fantastic, but committed giving is what really allows us to plan and continue to improve our service delivery for the kids of Aotearoa”, says Julie. TRACK’s incredibly thoughtful campaign to take our one-off supporters on a journey and show them the long-term difference their donations can make has made a wonderful impact on what we can achieve over the coming year.”

TRACK AU/NZ CEO, Rob Limb, says long term relationship building through contextual creativity is what his team are all about, and to bring those skills to bear at a critical time for KidsCan was immensely gratifying.

Says Limb: “Whether you’re a business or a charity, getting somebody to engage with you once is fantastic, but it’s important to remember the opportunity to contextually build on that initial interaction and create long term value. We were honoured to help KidsCan out at this incredibly important time, and awed by the generosity of the Kiwi public,”

If you can, p​lease consider donating $30 a month​, or whatever you can give, to help provide the essentials for a child.