Toyota Hilux extends ‘An Unbreakable Bond’ with Radio Hauraki via Starcom and Saatchi & Saatchi

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Matt Heath you great New Zealander, Toyota would like to give you a Hilux to drive. One iconic truck for one “iconic New Zealander”.

Off the back of the successful campaign launch that has placed Toyota Hilux firmly in the centre of the national Ute conversation, Toyota and Starcom have extended the communications strategy into the popular vernacular of Radio Hauraki. Partnering with breakfast hosts Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells, the one-liner moments of the Saatchi & Saatchi produced video are brought to life across the various platforms of the Radio Hauraki pair, who are famously followed and listened to for their own level of chat.

A fully accessorised Toyota Hilux from the new campaign shoot has been given to Matt Heath to drive over summer. But you don’t get much for free these days. One extra touch was needed – the personalised number plate LESSLI. This brokered a natural bridge between Toyota Hilux and Radio Hauraki, adding to a story that has formed much of the radio show’s 2020 content.

Says Mike Lane, content director – Radio Hauraki & The Alternative Commentary Collective: “Matt and Jeremy’s one liners and sayings have fast become part of the Kiwi vernacular so this partnership with Toyota Hilux is perfect, although it maybe a little hostile now given the fact the controversial number plate LESSLI was added to the truck. Matt has denied that’s his birth name for 18 months now. But no one is buying it – including Toyota.”

Says Toby Yonge, business director, Starcom: “The embracement of New Zealand chat that has made Kiwis famous around the world has Hilux all over it. We couldn’t be happier with how Radio Hauraki have taken this brief and stamped their mark on what is and always a great New Zealand Ute.”

Watch the delivery of the Toyota Hilux including Matt’s reaction and get ready for a summer of Toyota Hilux and Radio Hauraki – An Unbreakable Bond.