L&P launches new platform, by launching man off platform (in space) via DDB Aotearoa


Kiwis’ unique ability to remain chilled out during not-very-chilled out moments has been captured in a new L&P campaign, ‘Space Manu’ under new brand platform ‘Drink Chilled’ via DDB Aotearoa.


The 60” spot kicks off with a determined DIY astronaut; Duncan, suspended from a weather balloon, teetering on the edge of space. Suspense builds as the Kiwi rocket-man leaps from his perch and begins to freefall towards Aotearoa, Earth.

Breaking through layers of cloud, contrails streaming, he does what any sensible Kiwi would do – he strips, right down to his old league shorts, and for reasons unknown, gracefully assumes a pike position, awaiting an undetermined landing.

Then all becomes clear, as Duncan manus into the local community pool, landing the most epic “manu” in ad history. (A manu is an iconic NZ-style cannonball, for the non-Kiwis).

Naturally, his poolside audience, sipping on chilled L&Ps of course, remark on the performance, deeming it “pretty good.” High praise indeed, from a Kiwi.

Says Angela Broad, head of marketing and design, L&P: “L&P’s Drink Chilled platform speaks to Kiwis’ ability to remain pretty unphased and chilled no matter what’s going down. We see this in our hero throughout the TVC, and we see it in the deadpan reaction from his mates. L&P is an icon in New Zealand and has always been quintessentially Kiwi, so we’re thrilled to launch our first chilled story, that couldn’t be truer to who we are as people, and conveniently, how we like to drink our L&P.

Says Gary Steele, ECD, DDB Aotearoa: “To launch our super chilled out platform, it was only natural to make the most intense ad we possibly could. Obviously, nothing’s more chill than jumping from earth’s upper atmosphere. What we love about the spot is the many layers. It’s suspenseful, extreme, surreal, beautiful, but when butt hits water, it’s classic deadpan Kiwi comedy.”

L&P NZ’s drink chilled campaign launches with a 60”, 30” and 15” TVC/OLV, three 6” OLV and is supported by OOH and social media.

General Manager Strategy & Brand: Wendy Rayner
Head of Marketing and Design: Angela Broad
Senior Brand Manager: Laura Knight

Agency: DDB Aotearoa
Chief Creative Officer: Damon Stapleton
Executive Creative Director: Gary Steele
Creative Director: Freddie Coltart
Creative Director: Matt Williams
Managing Partner: Nikki McKelvie
Business Partner: Crystal Clark
Senior Business Manager: Ella Bilham
Executive Planning Director: Lucinda Sherborne
Planning Director: Thinza Mon
Executive Producer: Judy Thompson
Senior TV Producer: Claire Colohan
Integrated Producer: Melissa Ching

Production Company: Good Oil
Director: Adam Gunser
Managing Director: George Mackenzie
Executive Producer: Andrew McLean
DOP: Marty Williams
Editor: Simon Price
Post Production Company: Blockhead
Music & Sound Design: Cam Ballantyne, Beatworms
Photographer: Mat Baker