Just One Week Left to Enter LIA With 50% Discount on Entry Fees

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Just One Week Left to Enter LIA With 50% Discount on Entry Fees

LIA is giving a 50% discount on standard entry fees for submissions finalised by Sunday, 28th February 2021.


All entries that come in beyond that date will be subject to standard entry prices. LIA never charges late fees. The Entry System is open early for those who want to take advantage of the entry discount.

LIA 2021 Eligibility:
– As most work is a joint effort, LIA allows any company or individual to enter work they have collaborated on.
– Work must be broadcast, published or released from 1st Sept. 2019 through 8th Aug. 2021.

LIA has added two new competitions for 2021:
The first is Transformative Business Impact. This competition recognises that creativity does not just live within campaigns, it now plays an influential role in the enduring transformation of businesses including their operations, services, products, internal experiences and customer experiences. This medium doesn’t just recognise work that promotes solutions to customers; it recognises the solutions themselves.

The second newly added competition is Creative Use of Data. This competition recognises entries that demonstrate the fundamental role of data in inspiring, powering and enhancing creative work.

LIA has changed the name of The NEW to Evolution.

As an awards show, LIA wants to support the industry in whatever way it can. By discounting entry fees by 50%, LIA is once again showing its commitment to support the industry that has supported it.

The Entry System will remain open through the end of August 2021.