Strategy Christchurch brings ‘Five Lanes’ to life with bold brand identity

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Strategy Christchurch brings ‘Five Lanes’ to life with bold brand identity

In early 2020, Strategy was appointed by Colliers and Lichfield Holdings to create a name and identity “that is bold, incredibly flexible, vibrant and unmistakably unique” for the ground floor precinct at the BNZ Centre in Central Christchurch.


The newly named Five Lanes is a key part of the BNZ Centre in Central Christchurch and occupies the ground floor space bounded by Cashel St, Colombo St, Hereford St and Oxford Terrace. Colliers came to us with a challenge. They wanted to invigorate the space for tenants and customers, provide a point of difference from their competitors, and ultimately increase footfall.

We started by asking why and watching how consumers interact with the space. This involved 30 deep-dive, guided discussions with tenants, key stakeholders and customers of the spaces and a few days of observational research within the mall space. The key findings were that the space lacked a clear identity, the entrance ways were confusing/not clear from a distance, and that from within, what wayfinding and signage was there was inadequate and uninspiring. It was also believed that to attract key tenants the space needed to become a ‘place’, with a vibe and personality setting it apart from its competitors.

As part of the naming process Strategy initially looked to the history of the site and surrounds. We decided to flip the existing confusion and anonymity, and instead champion some of these issues by turning them into unique positive characteristics (There are five lanes leading into the space). Five different laneways, five different stories. All for discovery. And a vision ‘A unique, curated shopping experience for the curious, the creative, the explorer and the child within us all’ to stand out from its competitors in the central city. The mall almost named itself, “Five Lanes” – inspired by the five laneways that make up the entrances to the complex.

Strategy Christchurch brings ‘Five Lanes’ to life with bold brand identity

The name Five Lanes helped to address head-on some of the major challenges that had come out of the research. It was memorable, distinct and highlighted the accessways. The resulting logo design has 5 ‘lanes’ in it. A Secondary graphic made up of 5 lines were developed to combine with the new colour palette to allow for a flexible identity. These elements can then be combined in different ways from ‘bright and vibrant’ for the entrances to a more pared back look for collateral.

Strategy Christchurch brings ‘Five Lanes’ to life with bold brand identity

To add energy and boldness to the space we created a dynamic and vibrant wayfinding system. This system used five bright colours and gave each of the five lanes their own colour. This tackled two of the major problems at once. It made the entrances stand out and made the whole mall complex different from the other spaces in the central city. We combined this with a simple messaging system (gather, shop, eat, dine, explore) that showcased what the space had to offer – it also tied back to the wider ChristchurchNZ strategy of “Explore”.

Strategy Christchurch brings ‘Five Lanes’ to life with bold brand identity

Strategy partnered with Signtech and Make your Mark to install new signage and two 20 metre long hoardings along Colombo St (one of Christchurch’s busiest streets) to pull foot traffic down the lanes into the complex.

Says Simone Bishop, creative director/marketing at Colliers: “Five Lanes provides a unique shopping experience in central Christchurch. We hope the reinvigorated space will inspire people to come and explore the area.”

Feedback has been extremely positive. Tenants and consumers have embraced Five Lanes at the BNZ Centre, loving the distinct brand, and revitalised location. The busy lunchtime period is popular with live events on the large screen.

Says Nick Harvey, managing partner, Strategy Christchurch: “As a passionate Cantabrian, being able to work on a project such as this, where we’re helping to add vibrance and energy to the central city and showcase the space within Christchurch, is just amazing.”

Strategy Christchurch brings ‘Five Lanes’ to life with bold brand identity

Client: Colliers and Lichfield Holdings
Creative Director | Marketing: Simone Bishop (Colliers)
Asset Manager: Nicola Dolan (Colliers)
Senior Property Manager: Rebecca Gregg (Colliers)
Managing Director: Nick Hunt (Lichfield Holdings)
Vice President: Tim Hunt (Lichfield Holdings)

Agency: Strategy
Managing Partner: Nick Harvey
Creative Partner: Rupert de Paula
Strategic Partner: Lee Parkinson
Design Director: Chris Flack
Project Director: Sophie O’Sullivan

Signage Company: Signtech and Make Your Mark