The Work 2021 Contenders: YoungShand

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2021 Contenders…

Comvita: A rare moment of harmony
Time has become one of the world’s rarest commodities. So with the launch of ‘Special Reserve’, Comvita’s highest grade Mānuka Honey ever produced, we gave global audiences a chance to pause and relax with a rare moment of harmony.

This was achieved through a 3D animated brand film telling the story of the harmonious partnership between bees and New Zealand’s native Mānuka and how, with a bit of time and nurturing, nature gives us an incredibly rare gift.

Then, those lucky enough to secure one of only 9000 pots of Special Reserve, were invited to a world-first Mānuka Honey taste-along meditation. The mobile experience immerses you with the sights, sounds, smells, and flavours of the unique place this Mānuka Honey comes from, Aotearoa New Zealand, all while mindfully enjoying a spoonful of Special Reserve.

Tend: Inner Monologue
When something’s up with our health, we often ask ourselves “Is that normal?”. So why don’t we ask that same question about our healthcare? Like, why is it normal to have to take time off, drive across town and sit in a waiting room, all for a fifteen-minute doctor’s appointment?

Introducing Tend, the revolutionary new healthcare app, that enables you to see a real doctor right from your phone.

In a campaign, starring Aotearoa’s favourite wāhine, Anika Moa, we played on people’s health-induced anxiety rabbit holes. We challenged them to question their healthcare like they questioned their health – encouraging thousands of Kiwis to join Tend’s healthcare revolution.

Oceania: Believe in Better
Oceania’s ambition is to reimagine retirement living and aged care for the better through their human-centred approach. So, to launch this to market, we developed a bold new brand platform – Believe in Better – inspired by a proud Kiwi tradition.

But our challenge was two-fold – create a brand platform that framed Oceania’s ambition to transform the category and a launch campaign that championed the audience authentically and respectfully.

We tapped into something elemental to New Zealanders to launch the new platform – our human need to strive for better. Kiwis are always looking for ways to improve the world around them and are renowned for challenging the status quo, asking ‘why not’ and front-footing changes that have made New Zealand and the world a better place. And the residents from Oceania are no different.

The launch campaign puts Oceania’s residents and their life stories at the heart of the communications, celebrating them as people who have lived incredible lives and continue to live with a deep sense of identity, connection and purpose.

The Work 2021 Contenders: YoungShand

Oceania: In their shoes
2020, the year COVID-19 began, was also the year of something else. The Year of the Nurse. But, during our generation’s biggest global health crisis, there wasn’t any time to celebrate. Aged Care Nurses were at the forefront of the battle, caring for nearly 800,000 of New Zealand’s most vulnerable elders, isolated from family and friends.

With the knowledge that they can walk more than 10,000 steps in a single shift, we launched the ‘In Their Shoes’ initiative on International Nurses Day.

We crafted a story of what it’s like to walk a day in their shoes and placed it where it could be a daily reminder of our respect for them, the insoles of a pair of bespoke Allbirds, the world’s most comfortable shoes. We gifted each of our 450 nurses a custom pair of shoes as a daily reminder of the respect we have for what they do for our elders.

Then, we shared their story of dedication, compassion and expertise with all of New Zealand.


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