Film Construction adds Director Cody Mathieson Packer to the Roster

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Film Construction adds Director Cody Mathieson Packer to the Roster

Film Construction has welcomed director Cody Mathieson Packer to its filmmaker family.


Says Perry Bradley, founder and director, Film Construction: “Cody’s going to make a wonderful contribution to our roster. We’ve nurtured many highly successful director’s over the years. We know when we see a great talent.”

Mathieson wrote and directed the emotional ‘First Day‘ for International Stuttering Awareness Week. Being a person who stutters himself, Mathieson wanted to tell a story that gave insight into the complexities of the stuttering experience. He shows how a small gesture of acceptance can have a massive impact.

Fresh from Chicago, you could say he’s a gift of the pandemic. Mathieson brings home a deep desire to continue his human brand of filmmaking in the commercial landscape here in New Zealand.

Mathieson tells stories that lead from the heart, offering seeds of hope and compassion.

Mathieson discovered storytelling instincts at a young age. He was often in the backyard with his parent’s camcorder. Once he gained a bit more height, Mathieson attended NZ Broadcasting School. Here he developed his fascination for capturing unique parts of the human experience. The award-winning documentary ‘Gloriavale’ was an impartial view of life inside this closed community. It took him onto the international festival circuit.

His film journey took him to Chicago, where he directed commercials at DRAFT FCB. He shot campaigns for Jack Daniels, Michelob Ultra, Aramark, Chlorox, Cox Communications and Toyota. He crafted stories that communicated the brand and resonated at the all-important ‘heart level’.

When he’s not pulling at the heartstrings, you can find him on a yoga mat contemplating his next project.

Adds Bradley: “We couldn’t be more pleased to have Cody part of the FC Fold. Unfortunately, our yoga mats are in a forgotten cupboard. Maybe time for a dust-off.”

For more info please contact:
Executive Producer: Belinda Bradley
Phone: +64 274760112